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Thermopsis (goldenbanner)

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Thermopsis is a genus of legumes, native to temperate North America and east Asia. They are herbaceous perennials and are known as goldenbanners or false-lupines.
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Thermopsis alpina
Thermopsis alterniflora
Thermopsis barbata
Thermopsis bargusinensis
Thermopsis californica (California goldenbanner) (Attributes)
Thermopsis chinensis
Thermopsis dahurica
Thermopsis divaricarpa (pine goldenpea) (Attributes)
Thermopsis dolichocarpa
Thermopsis fraxinifolia (ashleaf goldenbanner) (Attributes)
Thermopsis gracilis (slender goldenbanner) (Attributes)
Thermopsis gyirongensis
Thermopsis inflata
Thermopsis jacutica
Thermopsis lanceolata (Attributes)
Thermopsis longicarpa
Thermopsis lupinoides (Kuzhmazhut) (Attributes)
Thermopsis macrophylla (Santa Inez goldenbanner) (Attributes)
Thermopsis mollis (Allegheny Mountain goldenbanner) (Attributes)
Thermopsis mongolica
Thermopsis montana (mountain goldenbanner) (Attributes)
Thermopsis przewalskii
Thermopsis rhombifolia (prairie thermopsis) (Attributes)
Thermopsis robusta (showy goldenbanner) (Attributes)
Thermopsis smithiana
Thermopsis turcica (Critically Endangered)
Thermopsis turkestanica
Thermopsis villosa (Aaron's rod) (Attributes)
Thermopsis yushuensis

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