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Licuala is a genus of palms commonly found in tropical rainforests of southern China, Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, New Guinea and the western Pacific Ocean islands. They are fan palms, with the leaves mostly circular in outline, sometimes undivided but more usually divided into wedge-shaped segments. Licuala acutifida is the source of cane for the walking stick nicknamed the Penang-lawyer by colonials, probably from the Malay phrase pinang liyar for a wild areca, although the term may also refer to the use of these canes as deadly knobkerries to assassinate litigious enemies.
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Licuala acuminata (Attributes)
Licuala acutifida (Attributes)
Licuala adscendens (Attributes)
Licuala ahlidurii (Attributes)
Licuala angustiloba (Attributes)
Licuala anomala (Attributes)
Licuala aruensis (Attributes)
Licuala atrovirens
Licuala atroviridis (Attributes)
Licuala averyanovii (Attributes)
Licuala bachmaensis (Attributes)
Licuala bacularia (Attributes)
Licuala bayana (Attributes)
Licuala beccariana (Attributes)
Licuala bellatula (Attributes)
Licuala bidentata (Attributes)
Licuala bidoupensis (Attributes)
Licuala bifida (Attributes)
Licuala bintulensis (Attributes)
Licuala bissula (Attributes)
Licuala borneensis (Endangered) (Attributes)
Licuala bracteata (Attributes)
Licuala brevicalyx (Attributes)
Licuala bruneiana
Licuala burretii
Licuala cabalionii (Attributes)
Licuala cameronensis (Attributes)
Licuala campestris
Licuala cattienensis (Attributes)
Licuala celebica (Attributes)
Licuala chaiana
Licuala collina
Licuala concinna (Attributes)
Licuala cordata (Attributes)
Licuala corneri (Attributes)
Licuala crassiflora (Attributes)
Licuala dakrongensis
Licuala debilis (Attributes)
Licuala densiflora (Attributes)
Licuala distans (Attributes)
Licuala egregia (Attributes)
Licuala elegans (Attributes)
Licuala ellipsoidalis (Attributes)
Licuala elliptica
Licuala exigua
Licuala ferruginea (Attributes)
Licuala ferruginoides (Attributes)
Licuala flammula
Licuala flavida (Attributes)
Licuala flexuosa (Attributes)
Licuala fordiana (Attributes)
Licuala fractiflexa (Attributes)
Licuala gjellerupii (Attributes)
Licuala glaberrima (Attributes)
Licuala glabra (Attributes)
Licuala graminifolia (Attributes)
Licuala grandiflora (Attributes)
Licuala grandis (Attributes)
Licuala hallieriana (Attributes)
Licuala insignis (Attributes)
Licuala intermedia
Licuala kamarudinii (Attributes)
Licuala kemamanensis (Attributes)
Licuala khoonmengii (Attributes)
Licuala kiahii (Attributes)
Licuala kingiana (Attributes)
Licuala klossii (Attributes)
Licuala kuchingensis
Licuala kunstleri
Licuala lambii
Licuala lanata (Attributes)
Licuala lanuginosa (Attributes)
Licuala lauterbachii (Attributes)
Licuala leopoldii
Licuala leprosa (Attributes)
Licuala leptocalyx (Attributes)
Licuala leucocarpa
Licuala linearis (Attributes)
Licuala longicalycata (Attributes)
Licuala longiflora (Attributes)
Licuala longipes (Attributes)
Licuala longispadix (Attributes)
Licuala macrantha (Attributes)
Licuala maculata
Licuala magna (Attributes)
Licuala malajana (Attributes)
Licuala manglaensis (Attributes)
Licuala mattanensis (Attributes)
Licuala meijeri
Licuala merguensis (Attributes)
Licuala micholitzii (Attributes)
Licuala micrantha (Attributes)
Licuala mirabilis (Attributes)
Licuala miriensis
Licuala modesta (Attributes)
Licuala montana (Attributes)
Licuala moszkowskiana (Attributes)
Licuala moyseyi (Attributes)
Licuala mukahensis
Licuala mustapana (Attributes)
Licuala nana (Attributes)
Licuala naumannii
Licuala naumoniensis (Attributes)
Licuala olivifera (Attributes)
Licuala oliviformis (Attributes)
Licuala oninensis (Attributes)
Licuala orbicularis (Attributes)
Licuala oryzoides
Licuala pachycalyx (Attributes)
Licuala pahangensis (Attributes)
Licuala palas (Attributes)
Licuala paludosa (Attributes)
Licuala parviflora (Attributes)
Licuala patens (Attributes)
Licuala paucisecta (Attributes)
Licuala peekelii (Attributes)
Licuala peltata (Attributes)
Licuala penduliflora (Attributes)
Licuala petiolulata (Attributes)
Licuala pilosa
Licuala pitta (Attributes)
Licuala platydactyla (Attributes)
Licuala polyschista (Attributes)
Licuala poonsakii (Attributes)
Licuala pseudovalida
Licuala pulchella (Attributes)
Licuala pumila (Attributes)
Licuala punctulata (Attributes)
Licuala pusilla (Attributes)
Licuala radula (Attributes)
Licuala ramsayi (Attributes)
Licuala reptans (Attributes)
Licuala rheophytica
Licuala ridleyana (Attributes)
Licuala robinsoniana (Attributes)
Licuala robusta (Attributes)
Licuala rubiginosa
Licuala rumphii (Attributes)
Licuala ruthiae (Attributes)
Licuala sabahana
Licuala sallehana (Attributes)
Licuala sarawakensis (Attributes)
Licuala scortechinii (Attributes)
Licuala simplex (Attributes)
Licuala spathellifera (Attributes)
Licuala spectabilis (Attributes)
Licuala spicata (Attributes)
Licuala spinosa (Attributes)
Licuala steinii (Attributes)
Licuala stipitata (Attributes)
Licuala stongensis (Attributes)
Licuala tanycola (Attributes)
Licuala taynguyensis (Attributes)
Licuala telifera (Attributes)
Licuala tenuissima (Attributes)
Licuala terengganuensis (Attributes)
Licuala thoana (Attributes)
Licuala tiomanensis (Attributes)
Licuala triphylla (Attributes)
Licuala urciflora (Attributes)
Licuala whitmorei (Attributes)
Licuala yiiana

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