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Basselinia is a genus of flowering plant in the Arecaceae family. The entire genus is endemic to the Island of New Caledonia in the Pacific. It contains the following species: \n* Basselinia deplanchei (Brongn. & Gris) Vieill \n* Basselinia eriostachys (Brongn.) Becc. \n* Basselinia favieri H.E.Moore \n* Basselinia glabrata Becc. \n* Basselinia gracilis (Brongn. & Gris) Vieill. \n* Basselinia humboldtiana (Brongn.) H.E.Moore \n* Basselinia iterata H.E.Moore \n* Basselinia moorei Pintaud & F.W.Stauffer \n* Basselinia pancheri (Brongn. & Gris) Vieill \n* Basselinia porphyrea H.E.Moore \n* Basselinia sordida H.E.Moore \n* Basselinia tomentosa Becc. \n* Basselinia velutina Becc. \n* Basselinia vestita H.E.Moore
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