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Macrolobium is a legume genus in the subfamily Caesalpinioideae. It is a tropical genus with about 80 species. Half occur in Brazil, where they are common in the floodplains of the Amazonian Basin. Members of the genus are used as ornamentals and for their wood.
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Macrolobium acaciifolium (Pashaquilla) (Attributes)
Macrolobium acrothamnos
Macrolobium amplexans
Macrolobium angustifolium (Attributes)
Macrolobium anomalum
Macrolobium archeri (Attributes)
Macrolobium arenarium
Macrolobium bifolium (Soliman) (Attributes)
Macrolobium brevense
Macrolobium campestre
Macrolobium canaliculatum
Macrolobium cataractarum
Macrolobium colombianum (Attributes)
Macrolobium conjunctum
Macrolobium costaricense (Attributes)
Macrolobium crassifolium
Macrolobium defloccatum
Macrolobium discolor
Macrolobium dressleri
Macrolobium duckeanum
Macrolobium evenulosum
Macrolobium exfoliatum
Macrolobium extensum
Macrolobium flexuosum
Macrolobium floridum
Macrolobium foldatsii
Macrolobium froesii
Macrolobium furcatum
Macrolobium gracile (Attributes)
Macrolobium guianense
Macrolobium hartshornii
Macrolobium herrerae
Macrolobium huberianum
Macrolobium ischnocalyx (Attributes)
Macrolobium jenmanii
Macrolobium klugii
Macrolobium latifolium
Macrolobium limbatum (Attributes)
Macrolobium longeracemosum
Macrolobium longipedicellatum
Macrolobium longipes
Macrolobium machaerioides
Macrolobium microcalyx (Attributes)
Macrolobium modicopetalum
Macrolobium molle (Arepillo)
Macrolobium montanum
Macrolobium multijugum (Attributes)
Macrolobium obtusum
Macrolobium palisoti <Unverified Name>
Macrolobium palustre
Macrolobium parvifolium
Macrolobium pendulum
Macrolobium pittieri (Endangered)
Macrolobium punctatum
Macrolobium retusum
Macrolobium rigidum
Macrolobium rubrum
Macrolobium savannarum
Macrolobium schinifolium
Macrolobium spectabile
Macrolobium stenocladum
Macrolobium stenopetalum
Macrolobium stenosiphon
Macrolobium steyermarkii
Macrolobium suaveolens (Attributes)
Macrolobium taxifolium
Macrolobium taylorii
Macrolobium trinitense (Endangered)
Macrolobium unifoliolatum
Macrolobium urupaense
Macrolobium venulosum
Macrolobium wurdackii

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