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Eperua is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae. It belongs to the sub family Caesalpinioideae. The species belonging to this genus are distributed in the tropical zones of Africa and South America,All are living in the jungles often along rivers or streams; The leaves compound pinnate, with smooth margins, the frutes are long pods.The wood of E.Falcata is called Wallaba, and is often used in constructions. E.Schomburgkii : ~30 m high.Also occurs in the Guyanas. The flowers in clusters; contain 10 fertile stamen. The pods are 20 cm long.
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Eperua bijuga (Muirapiranga) (Attributes)
Eperua duckeana (Attributes)
Eperua falcata (Bootlace Tree) (Attributes)
Eperua glabra
Eperua glabriflora (Muirapiranga) (Attributes)
Eperua grandiflora (Ituri Wallaba) (Attributes)
Eperua jenmanii (Concha De Suela) (Attributes)
Eperua leucantha (Yauacano) (Attributes)
Eperua obtusata
Eperua oleifera (Jacare Copahiba)
Eperua praesagata
Eperua purpurea (pega pega) (Attributes)
Eperua rubiginosa (Ouapa) (Attributes)
Eperua schomburgkiana (Ituri Wallaba)
Eperua venosa

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