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Thrinax (thatch palm)

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Thrinax is a genus in the palm family, native to the wider Caribbean. It is closely related to the genera Coccothrinax, Hemithrinax and Zombia. Flowers are small and bisexual, and are borne on small stalks. Thrinax consists of four species. Three of them are single-island endemics - Thrinax ekmaniana is exclusively endemic to hills Mogotes de Jumagua, Cuba while Thrinax excelsa and Thrinax parviflora are endemic to Jamaica. The fourth species, Thrinax radiata, is more widespread - it is present in the Greater Antilles, the Bahamas, south Florida, Mexico and Central America.
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Thrinax excelsa (broad thatch) (Attributes)
Thrinax parviflora (Attributes)
Thrinax radiata (Florida thatch palm) (Attributes)

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