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Culex is a genus of mosquitoes, several species of which serve as vectors of one or more important diseases of birds, humans and other animals. The diseases they vector include arbovirus infections, West Nilevirus, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, and avian malaria. They occur worldwide except for the extreme northern parts of the temperate zone, and are the most common form of mosquito encountered in some major US cities such as New York.
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Culex abnormalis
Culex abominator
Culex abonnenci
Culex accelerans
Culex acharistus
Culex acrostichalis
Culex aculeatus
Culex acutipalus
Culex adairi
Culex adamesi
Culex adami
Culex adersianus
Culex aenescens
Culex aestivus
Culex airozai
Culex akritos
Culex alani
Culex albertianus
Culex albinensis
Culex albinervis
Culex albipes
Culex albiventris
Culex alcocki
Culex aliciae
Culex alienus
Culex alinkios
Culex alis
Culex alogistus
Culex alorensis
Culex alphus
Culex amaniensis
Culex amazonensis
Culex ameliae
Culex americanus
Culex amitis
Culex andersoni
Culex andreanus
Culex andricus
Culex anduzei
Culex anips
Culex annulioris
Culex annulirostris (Common banded mosquito)
Culex annuliventris
Culex annulus
Culex anoplicitus
Culex antennatus
Culex antillummagnorum
Culex antunesi
Culex aphylactus
Culex apicalis
Culex apicinus
Culex aquarius
Culex arawak
Culex arbieeni
Culex arboricolus
Culex archegus
Culex argenteopunctatus
Culex arizonensis
Culex articularis
Culex asteliae
Culex astridianus
Culex atracus
Culex atratus
Culex atriceps
Culex aurantapex
Culex aureonotatus
Culex aureus
Culex australicus
Culex avianus
Culex axillicola
Culex axillicolus
Culex azurini
Culex azymus
Culex babahoyensis
Culex bahamensis
Culex bahiensis
Culex bahri
Culex bailyi
Culex baisasi
Culex bamborum
Culex bandoengensis
Culex banksensis
Culex barkerii
Culex barraudi
Culex barrinus
Culex bastagarius
Culex batesi
Culex becki
Culex bejaranoi
Culex belemensis
Culex belkini
Culex bengalensis
Culex bequaerti
Culex bergi
Culex bernardi
Culex beta
Culex bicki
Culex bickleyi
Culex bicornutus
Culex bidens
Culex bifoliolatus
Culex bihaicola
Culex bihamatus
Culex binigrolineatus
Culex biscaynensis
Culex bisulcatus
Culex bitaeniorhynchus
Culex boharti
Culex bokorensis
Culex bolii
Culex boninensis
Culex bonneae
Culex bonnei
Culex bougainvillensis
Culex brachiatus
Culex brami
Culex brenguesi
Culex brethesi
Culex breviculus
Culex brevipalpis
Culex brevipalpus
Culex brevispinosus
Culex browni
Culex brumpti
Culex bukavuensis
Culex buxtoni
Culex bwambanus
Culex cairnsensis
Culex calabarensis
Culex calurus
Culex cambournaci
Culex campilunati
Culex camposi
Culex canaanensis
Culex carcinophilus
Culex carcinoxenus
Culex caribeanus
Culex carioca
Culex carleti
Culex carolinensis
Culex castaneus
Culex castelli
Culex castor
Culex castrensis
Culex castroi
Culex cataractarum
Culex cauchensis
Culex caudatus
Culex caudelli
Culex cedecei
Culex ceramensis
Culex cerqueirai
Culex chaetoventralis
Culex chaguanco
Culex changuinolae
Culex chauveti
Culex cheesmanae
Culex cheni
Culex chidesteri
Culex chitae
Culex chorleyi
Culex christiani
Culex chryselatus
Culex chrysothorax
Culex cinctellus
Culex cinerellus
Culex cinereus
Culex clarki
Culex clastrieri
Culex coerulescens
Culex collessi
Culex comatus
Culex commevynensis
Culex comminutor
Culex comorensis
Culex confundior
Culex conservator
Culex consolator
Culex conspirator
Culex contei
Culex coppenamensis
Culex corentynensis
Culex corniger
Culex cornutus
Culex coronator
Culex corrigani
Culex cottlei
Culex coursi
Culex covagarciai
Culex crassicomus
Culex crassistylus
Culex creole
Culex crinicauda
Culex cristovaoi
Culex crowei
Culex crybda
Culex cubiculi
Culex cubitatus
Culex curtipalpis
Culex curvibrachius
Culex cuyanus
Culex cylindricus
Culex damascenoi
Culex daumastocampa
Culex davisi
Culex decens
Culex declarator
Culex decorator
Culex delfinadoae
Culex delpontei
Culex delys
Culex demeilloni
Culex demissus
Culex derivator
Culex deserticola
Culex diamphidius
Culex diengensis
Culex digoelensis
Culex diplophyllum
Culex dispectus
Culex distinguendus
Culex dohenyi
Culex dolichophyllus
Culex dolosus
Culex douglasi
Culex draconis
Culex dubitans
Culex dumbletoni
Culex dunni
Culex duplicator
Culex dureti
Culex durhami
Culex duttoni
Culex dyius
Culex eastor
Culex eduardoi
Culex educator
Culex edwardsi
Culex egcymon
Culex eknomios
Culex eldridgei
Culex elephas
Culex elevator
Culex elgonicus
Culex ellinorae
Culex elongatus
Culex eminentia
Culex ensiformis
Culex eouzani
Culex epanatasis
Culex epidesmus
Culex epirus
Culex equinoxialis
Culex erethyzonfer
Culex ernanii
Culex ernsti
Culex erraticus
Culex erythrothorax
Culex eschirasi
Culex eukrines
Culex europaeus
Culex evansae
Culex fairchildi
Culex farakoensis
Culex fasciolatus
Culex fasyi
Culex faurani
Culex femineus
Culex fergusoni
Culex fernandezi
Culex ferreri
Culex fimbriforceps
Culex flabellifer
Culex flavicornis
Culex flochi
Culex foliaceus
Culex foliafer
Culex foliatus
Culex fragilis
Culex fraudatrix
Culex fulleri
Culex furlongi
Culex fuscatus
Culex fuscicinctus
Culex fuscocephala
Culex gagnei
Culex gairus
Culex galindoi
Culex galliardi
Culex galvaoi
Culex gameti
Culex gamma
Culex ganapathi
Culex garcesi
Culex garciai
Culex garioui
Culex gaudeator
Culex gaufini
Culex gediensis
Culex gelidus
Culex geminus
Culex germaini
Culex gibbulus
Culex giganteus
Culex gilliesi
Culex globocoxitus
Culex glyptosalpinx
Culex gnomatos
Culex gossi
Culex gracicornis
Culex grahamii
Culex gravitator
Culex grenieri
Culex gressitti
Culex guayasi
Culex guedesi
Culex guerreroi
Culex guiarti
Culex guizhouensis
Culex guyanensis
Culex habilitator
Culex hackeri
Culex hainanensis
Culex hamoni
Culex hancocki
Culex harleyi
Culex harpagophallus
Culex harrisoni
Culex hayashii
Culex hedys
Culex helenae
Culex hepperi
Culex herrerai
Culex hewitti
Culex hilli
Culex hinglungensis
Culex hirtipalpis
Culex hopkinsi
Culex horridus
Culex hortensis
Culex huangae
Culex humilis
Culex hurlbuti
Culex hutchinsoni
Culex idottus
Culex ikelos
Culex imitator
Culex impositor
Culex impudicus
Culex inadmirabilis
Culex inatomii
Culex incognitus
Culex incomptus
Culex inconspicuosus
Culex inculus
Culex indecorabilis
Culex infantulus
Culex inflictus
Culex infoliatus
Culex infula
Culex ingrami
Culex inhibitator
Culex inimitabilis
Culex innovator
Culex inornata
Culex insequens
Culex insigniforceps
Culex insignis
Culex insularis
Culex interfor
Culex intermedius
Culex interrogator
Culex intonsus
Culex intrincatus
Culex invidiosus
Culex invocator
Culex iolambdis
Culex iphis
Culex iridescens
Culex isabelae
Culex iyengari
Culex jacksoni
Culex jalisco
Culex janitor
Culex javanensis
Culex jefferyi
Culex jenningsi
Culex jenseni
Culex jinjaensis
Culex joanae
Culex jocasta
Culex johni
Culex johnnyi
Culex johnsoni
Culex josephineae
Culex jubifer
Culex judaicus
Culex kanyamwerima
Culex kartalae
Culex kaviengensis
Culex kesseli
Culex khazani
Culex kilara
Culex kinabaluensis
Culex kingianus
Culex kingii
Culex kiriensis
Culex kompi
Culex kowiroensis
Culex kuhnsi
Culex kukenan
Culex kummi
Culex kusaiensis
Culex kyotoensis
Culex lacertosus
Culex lactator
Culex laffooni
Culex lahillei
Culex lairdi
Culex lakei
Culex lampangensis
Culex lanei
Culex laplantei
Culex lasiopalpis
Culex laticinctus
Culex laticlasper
Culex latifoliatus
Culex latisquama
Culex latus
Culex laureli
Culex lavatae
Culex leei
Culex leonardi
Culex levicastilloi
Culex liberiensis
Culex limacifer
Culex lineatus
Culex litoralis
Culex litwakae
Culex longicornis
Culex lopesi
Culex lucaris
Culex lucifugus
Culex lugens
Culex luteopleurus
Culex luzonensis
Culex lygrus
Culex macdonaldi
Culex macfiei
Culex machadoi
Culex macrophyllus
Culex macrostylus
Culex maderensis
Culex madininensis
Culex malayensis
Culex malayi
Culex mammilifer
Culex manusensis
Culex maplei
Culex maracayensis
Culex marianae
Culex marksae
Culex marquesensis
Culex martinezi
Culex martinii
Culex mattinglyi
Culex mauesensis
Culex maxi
Culex maxinocca
Culex megafolius
Culex megaonychus
Culex mesodenticulatus
Culex metempsytus
Culex miaolingensis
Culex micolo
Culex microphyllus
Culex microtaeniata
Culex mijanae
Culex millironi
Culex milloti
Culex milwardi
Culex mimeticus
Culex mimuloides
Culex mimulus
Culex mindanaoensis
Culex minjensis
Culex minor
Culex minutissimus
Culex miraculosus
Culex mirificus
Culex misionensis
Culex miyagii
Culex modestus
Culex mohani
Culex mollis
Culex mongiro
Culex moucheti
Culex mulrennani
Culex mundulus
Culex murrelli
Culex muruae
Culex musarum
Culex muspratti
Culex mutator
Culex nailoni
Culex nakuruensis
Culex navalis
Culex neavei
Culex nebulosus
Culex neglectus
Culex nicaroensis
Culex nicceriensis
Culex niger
Culex nigrescens
Culex nigricorpus
Culex nigrimacula
Culex nigripalpus (Florida SLE Mosquito)
Culex nigropunctatus
Culex nilgiricus
Culex ninagongoensis
Culex novaeguineae
Culex oblita
Culex obscurus
Culex ocellatus
Culex ocossa
Culex oedipus
Culex okinawae
Culex olimpioi
Culex omani
Culex orbostiensis
Culex oresbius
Culex orfilai
Culex orientalis
Culex originator
Culex ornatothoracis
Culex orstom
Culex otachati
Culex ousqua
Culex oweni
Culex pacificus
Culex pairoji
Culex pajoti
Culex palaciosi
Culex pallidiceps
Culex pallidothorax
Culex pallipes
Culex palpalis
Culex pandani
Culex panocossa
Culex papuensis
Culex paracrybda
Culex paraculeatus
Culex paramaxi
Culex patientiae
Culex pavlovskyi
Culex peccator
Culex pedicellus
Culex pedroi
Culex penai
Culex perexiguus
Culex pereyrai
Culex perfidiosus
Culex perfuscus
Culex peringueyi
Culex perkinsi
Culex perplexus
Culex perryi
Culex pervigilans
Culex petersi
Culex peytoni
Culex phangngae
Culex philipi
Culex philippinensis
Culex phlabistus
Culex phlogistus
Culex pholeter
Culex phyllados
Culex pifanoi
Culex pilifemoralis
Culex pilosus
Culex pinarocampa
Culex pipiens (northern house mosquito)
Culex plectoporpe
Culex pleuristriatus
Culex plicatus
Culex pluvialis
Culex poicilipes
Culex portesi
Culex postspiraculosus
Culex productus
Culex propinquus
Culex prosecutor
Culex pruina
Culex psatharus
Culex pseudoandreanus
Culex pseudocinereus
Culex pseudojanthinosoma
Culex pseudomelanoconia
Culex pseudopruina
Culex pseudornatus
Culex pseudorubithoracis
Culex pseudosinensis
Culex pseudostigmatosoma
Culex pseudovishnui
Culex pulidoi
Culex pullus
Culex punctiscapularis
Culex pusillus
Culex putumayensis
Culex quadrifoliatus
Culex quadripalpis
Culex quasiguiarti
Culex quasihibridus
Culex quasioriginator
Culex quettensis
Culex quinquefasciatus (southern house mosquito)
Culex quintetti
Culex quitensis
Culex quizhouensis
Culex rabanicola
Culex rabelloi
Culex rachoui
Culex rageaui
Culex raghavanii
Culex rajah
Culex rajaneeae
Culex ramakrishnii
Culex ramalingami
Culex rausseoi
Culex reducens
Culex reevesi
Culex reginae
Culex reidi
Culex rejector
Culex renatoi
Culex restrictor
Culex restuans
Culex retrosus
Culex ribeirensis
Culex richardgarciai
Culex richei
Culex richeti
Culex richiardi <Unverified Name>
Culex rima
Culex riojanus
Culex romeroi
Culex ronderosi
Culex rooti
Culex rorotaensis
Culex roseni
Culex rotoruae
Culex rubensis
Culex rubinotus
Culex rubithoracis
Culex ruthae
Culex ryukyensis
Culex ryukyuanus
Culex sacchettae
Culex salinarius
Culex salisburiensis
Culex saltanensis
Culex samoaensis
Culex sandrae
Culex sangengluoensis
Culex sangenluoensis
Culex saramaccensis
Culex sardinerae
Culex sasai
Culex scanloni
Culex scheuberi
Culex schicki
Culex schilfgaardei
Culex schwetzi
Culex scimitar
Culex scottii
Culex secundus
Culex secutor
Culex sedlacekae
Culex selai
Culex selangorensis
Culex seldeslachtsi
Culex semibrunneus
Culex seniori
Culex serratimarge
Culex seyrigi
Culex shanahani
Culex shebbearei
Culex shoae
Culex shopei
Culex silvai
Culex simplicicornis
Culex simpliciforceps
Culex simpsoni
Culex simulator
Culex sinaiticus
Culex sinensis
Culex singuawaensis
Culex siphanulatus
Culex sitiens (Saltmarsh mosquito)
Culex solitarius
Culex solomonis
Culex soperi
Culex spathifurca
Culex spathulatus
Culex sphinx
Culex spiculostylus
Culex spiculosus
Culex spiculothorax
Culex spinosus
Culex spissipes
Culex squamosus
Culex starckeae
Culex steffani
Culex stellatus
Culex stenolepis
Culex stercoreus
Culex stigmatosoma
Culex stonei
Culex striatipes
Culex subaequalis
Culex submarginalis
Culex suborientalis
Culex subrima
Culex subsalisburiensis
Culex sudanicus
Culex sumatranus
Culex sunyaniensis
Culex surinamensis
Culex sursumptor
Culex sutili
Culex symbletos
Culex szemaoensis
Culex taeniopus
Culex tamsi
Culex tarsalis (Attributes)
Culex tatoi
Culex tauffliebi
Culex tecmarsis
Culex telesilla
Culex tenagius
Culex tenuipalpis
Culex terebor
Culex termi
Culex territans
Culex terzii
Culex thalassius
Culex theileri
Culex theobaldi
Culex thriambus
Culex thurmanorum
Culex tianpingensis
Culex toroensis
Culex torrentium
Culex tournieri
Culex toviiensis
Culex tramazayguesi
Culex traubi
Culex tricuspis
Culex trifidus
Culex trifilatus
Culex trifoliatus
Culex trigeminatus
Culex trilobulatus
Culex trisetosus
Culex tritaeniorhynchus
Culex tsengi
Culex tuberis
Culex ugandae
Culex umbripes
Culex uncinatus
Culex unicornis
Culex uniformis
Culex univittatus
Culex urichii
Culex usquatissimus
Culex usquatus
Culex vagans
Culex vansomereni
Culex variatus
Culex vattieri
Culex vaxus
Culex ventrilloni
Culex versabilis
Culex verutus
Culex vexillatus
Culex vexillifer
Culex vicinalis
Culex vicinus
Culex vidali
Culex vinckei
Culex virgultus
Culex viridiventer
Culex vishnui
Culex vomerifer
Culex vulgaris
Culex walukasi
Culex wamanguae
Culex wannonii
Culex wansoni
Culex wardi
Culex watti
Culex wepsterae
Culex weschei
Culex whartoni
Culex whitei
Culex whitmorei
Culex whittingtoni
Culex wigglesworthi
Culex wilfredi
Culex wilsoni
Culex winkleri
Culex worontzowi
Culex xenophobus
Culex yaoi
Culex ybarmis
Culex yeageri
Culex yojoae
Culex zeteki
Culex zombaensis

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