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Tragia (noseburn)

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Tragia is a genus of flowering plants in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. It is widespread across North and South America, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Indian Subcontinent, northern Australia, and to various islands in the Caribbean and in the Indian Ocean. Plants in this genus are sometimes known as noseburns. These species are used in Siddha medicine, which is practiced by the Tamil people. Kaanchori (Tamil: காஞ்சொறி), as it is known to them, is used in curing eczema, fevers, wheezing, and diabetes.
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Tragia abortiva
Tragia acalyphoides
Tragia adenanthera (Attributes)
Tragia adenophila
Tragia affinis
Tragia aliena
Tragia amblyodonta (dogtooth noseburn) (Attributes)
Tragia angolensis (Attributes)
Tragia arabica
Tragia arnhemica
Tragia ashiae
Tragia aurea
Tragia bahiensis (Attributes)
Tragia balfourii
Tragia ballyi
Tragia baroniana
Tragia benthamii (Attributes)
Tragia betonicifolia (betonyleaf noseburn)
Tragia bicolor
Tragia biflora
Tragia boiviniana
Tragia bongolana
Tragia brevipes (Attributes)
Tragia brevispica (shortspike noseburn) (Attributes)
Tragia capensis
Tragia caperonioides
Tragia catamarcensis
Tragia ceanothifolia
Tragia cearensis
Tragia chevalieri
Tragia chiltepeca
Tragia chlorocaulon
Tragia cinerea
Tragia cocculifolia
Tragia collina
Tragia cordata (heartleaf noseburn)
Tragia correae
Tragia crenata
Tragia cubensis
Tragia cuneata
Tragia descampsii (Attributes)
Tragia dinteri
Tragia dioica (Attributes)
Tragia dodecandra
Tragia doryodes
Tragia durbanensis (Attributes)
Tragia fallacina
Tragia fasciculata
Tragia finalis
Tragia friesii
Tragia furialis (Attributes)
Tragia gardneri (Attributes)
Tragia geraniifolia
Tragia giardelliae
Tragia glabrescens
Tragia glanduligera (brush noseburn) (Attributes)
Tragia gracilis
Tragia guatemalensis
Tragia guyanensis
Tragia hassleriana
Tragia hieronymi
Tragia hildebrandtii (Attributes)
Tragia hispida
Tragia imerinica
Tragia impedita
Tragia incana
Tragia incisifolia (Attributes)
Tragia insuavis
Tragia involucrata
Tragia ivohibeensis
Tragia jonesii
Tragia karsteniana
Tragia kirkiana (Attributes)
Tragia laciniata (Sonoita noseburn) (Attributes)
Tragia laminularis
Tragia lancifolia
Tragia lasiophylla (Attributes)
Tragia lassia
Tragia leucandra
Tragia liberica
Tragia lippiifolia
Tragia lukafuensis (Attributes)
Tragia mazoensis (Attributes)
Tragia melochioides
Tragia mexicana
Tragia meyeriana
Tragia micromenes
Tragia mildbraediana
Tragia minor (Attributes)
Tragia mitis
Tragia mixta
Tragia moammarensis
Tragia monadelpha
Tragia montana
Tragia negeliensis
Tragia nepetifolia (catnip noseburn) (Attributes)
Tragia nigricans (dark noseburn) (Attributes)
Tragia novae-hollandiae
Tragia okanyua (Attributes)
Tragia pacifica
Tragia paxii
Tragia peltata
Tragia perrieri
Tragia petiolaris (Attributes)
Tragia physocarpa
Tragia pinnata
Tragia platycalyx
Tragia plukenetii (Attributes)
Tragia plumieri
Tragia pogostemonoides
Tragia pohlii
Tragia polyandra
Tragia polygonoides
Tragia potosina
Tragia praetervisa
Tragia preussii
Tragia prionoides (Attributes)
Tragia prostrata (Attributes)
Tragia pungens
Tragia ramosa (branched tragia) (Attributes)
Tragia rhodesiae (Attributes)
Tragia rhoicifolia
Tragia rogersii
Tragia rubiginosa
Tragia rupestris (Attributes)
Tragia sanjappae
Tragia saxicola (Florida Keys noseburn) (Attributes)
Tragia schlechteri
Tragia schweinfurthii
Tragia senegalensis
Tragia shirensis (Attributes)
Tragia smallii (Small's noseburn) (Attributes)
Tragia sonderi
Tragia spathulata
Tragia stipularis (Attributes)
Tragia subhastata
Tragia subsessilis
Tragia tabulaemontana
Tragia tenuifolia (Attributes)
Tragia tiverneana
Tragia tripartita
Tragia tristis
Tragia triumfetoides
Tragia uberabana
Tragia ukambensis
Tragia uncinata
Tragia urens (wavyleaf noseburn) (Attributes)
Tragia urticifolia (nettleleaf noseburn)
Tragia vogelii
Tragia volubilis (fireman) (Attributes)
Tragia wahlbergiana (Attributes)
Tragia wildemanii
Tragia yucatanensis

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