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Trigonostemon is a plant genus of the family Euphorbiaceae and the sole member of its tribe (Trigonostemoneae). It was first described as a genus in 1826. It is native to Southeast Asia, southern China, the Indian Subcontinent, Queensland, and a few islands in the western Pacific. Species moved to other genera (Cleidion Croton Dimorphocalyx Omphalea Paracroton Wetria )
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Trigonostemon adenocalyx
Trigonostemon albiflorus
Trigonostemon angustifolius
Trigonostemon apetalogyne
Trigonostemon aurantiacus
Trigonostemon beccarii
Trigonostemon birmanicus
Trigonostemon bonianus
Trigonostemon capillipes
Trigonostemon capitellatus
Trigonostemon carnosulus
Trigonostemon cherrieri (Critically Endangered)
Trigonostemon chinensis
Trigonostemon cochinchinensis
Trigonostemon croceus
Trigonostemon cumingii
Trigonostemon detritiferus
Trigonostemon diffusus
Trigonostemon diplopetalus
Trigonostemon dipteranthus
Trigonostemon eberhardtii
Trigonostemon elegantissimus
Trigonostemon elmeri
Trigonostemon everettii
Trigonostemon filiformis
Trigonostemon flavidus
Trigonostemon fragilis
Trigonostemon gaudichaudii
Trigonostemon hartleyi
Trigonostemon heteranthus
Trigonostemon hirsutus
Trigonostemon howii
Trigonostemon hybridus
Trigonostemon inopinatus
Trigonostemon ionthocarpus
Trigonostemon kerrii
Trigonostemon laetus
Trigonostemon laevigatus
Trigonostemon lanceolatus
Trigonostemon laoticus
Trigonostemon laxiflorus
Trigonostemon longipedunculatus
Trigonostemon longipes
Trigonostemon magnificus
Trigonostemon malaccanus
Trigonostemon matangensis
Trigonostemon matanginsu
Trigonostemon merrillii
Trigonostemon murtonii
Trigonostemon nemoralis
Trigonostemon nigrifolius
Trigonostemon oblanceolatus
Trigonostemon pachyphyllus
Trigonostemon pentandrus
Trigonostemon philippinensis
Trigonostemon phyllocalyx
Trigonostemon pierrei
Trigonostemon poilanei
Trigonostemon polyanthus
Trigonostemon praetervisus
Trigonostemon quocensis
Trigonostemon reidioides
Trigonostemon rubescens
Trigonostemon rufescens
Trigonostemon salicifolius
Trigonostemon sandakanensis
Trigonostemon sanguineus
Trigonostemon semperflorens
Trigonostemon serratus
Trigonostemon sinclairii
Trigonostemon stellaris
Trigonostemon stenophyllus
Trigonostemon sunirmalii
Trigonostemon thorelii
Trigonostemon thyrsoideus
Trigonostemon tuberculatus
Trigonostemon verrucosus
Trigonostemon verticillatus
Trigonostemon villosus
Trigonostemon viridissimus
Trigonostemon wenzelii
Trigonostemon wetriifolius
Trigonostemon whiteanus
Trigonostemon xyphophylloides

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