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Latania (Latan palm)

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Latania commonly known as Latan palm or Latania palm is a genus of flowering plant in the palm tree family, native to islands in the western Indian Ocean. Latania contains the following species: 1. \n* Latania loddigesii Mart. - (Blue Latan Palm) from Mauritius 2. \n* Latania lontaroides (Gaertn.) H.E.Moore - (Red Latan Palm) from Réunion 3. \n* Latania verschaffeltii Lem. - (Yellow Latan Palm) from Rodrigues Island
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Latania bourbonica <Unverified Name>
Latania commersoni <Unverified Name>
Latania glaucaphylla <Unverified Name>
Latania loddigesii (Blue Latan Palm) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Latania lontaroides (Red Latan Palm) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Latania verschaffeltii (Yellow Latan Palm) (Endangered) (Attributes)

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