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Oxalis (wood sorrels)

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Oxalis /ˈɒksəlᵻs/ is by far the largest genus in the wood-sorrel family Oxalidaceae: of the approximately 900 known species in the Oxalidaceae, 800 belong here. The genus occurs throughout most of the world, except for the polar areas; species diversity is particularly rich in tropical Brazil, Mexico and South Africa.
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Oxalis abercornensis
Oxalis acetosella (Attributes)
Oxalis adenodes
Oxalis adenophylla (Chilean Oxalis)
Oxalis adspersa (erect woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis alata
Oxalis albicans (radishroot woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis albiuscula
Oxalis algoensis
Oxalis alpina (alpine woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis alstonii
Oxalis alvimii
Oxalis amamiana
Oxalis ambigua
Oxalis amblyodonta
Oxalis amblyosepala
Oxalis andina
Oxalis annae
Oxalis anomala
Oxalis anthelmintica
Oxalis aptera
Oxalis apurimacensis
Oxalis arachnoidea
Oxalis arbuscula
Oxalis arenaria
Oxalis areolata
Oxalis argentina
Oxalis argillacea
Oxalis argyrophylla
Oxalis aridicola
Oxalis articulata (jointed woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis atacamensis
Oxalis attaquana
Oxalis aurea
Oxalis aureoflava
Oxalis ausensis
Oxalis bakeriana (creeping woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis balansae
Oxalis barrelieri (Barrelier's woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis bartolomensis
Oxalis bela-vitoriae
Oxalis beneprotecta
Oxalis benjaminii
Oxalis bermejensis
Oxalis bifida
Oxalis bifrons
Oxalis bifurca
Oxalis bipartita
Oxalis bisecta
Oxalis bisfracta
Oxalis blackii
Oxalis blastorrhiza
Oxalis bojeriana
Oxalis boliviana
Oxalis bowiei (red-flower woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis brasiliensis
Oxalis bulbillifera
Oxalis bulbocastanum
Oxalis burkei
Oxalis burtoniae
Oxalis caerulea (blue woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis caesariata
Oxalis caesia
Oxalis cajalbanensis
Oxalis calachaccensis
Oxalis callosa
Oxalis calva
Oxalis calviniensis
Oxalis camelopardalis
Oxalis campanensis
Oxalis campicola
Oxalis campylorhiza
Oxalis canaliculata
Oxalis capillacea
Oxalis caprina
Oxalis cardenasiana
Oxalis carolina
Oxalis cathara
Oxalis caucensis
Oxalis cerradoana
Oxalis chachahuensis (Endangered)
Oxalis chapmaniae
Oxalis chartacea
Oxalis chnoodes
Oxalis ciliaris
Oxalis ciliata
Oxalis cinerea
Oxalis clandestina
Oxalis clausenii
Oxalis clavifolia
Oxalis clematodes
Oxalis colatinensis
Oxalis colchaguensis
Oxalis commutata
Oxalis comosa
Oxalis compacta
Oxalis compressa
Oxalis comptonii
Oxalis confertifolia
Oxalis confertissima
Oxalis conorrhiza
Oxalis conventionensis
Oxalis convexula
Oxalis copiosa
Oxalis cordata
Oxalis corniculata (creeping woodsorrel) (Critically Endangered)
Oxalis cotagaitensis
Oxalis cratensis
Oxalis creaseyi
Oxalis crispula
Oxalis crocea
Oxalis cuatrecasasii
Oxalis cuneata
Oxalis cuzcensis
Oxalis cytisoides
Oxalis davyana
Oxalis debilis (pink woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis decaphylla (ten-leaf wood-sorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis dehradunensis
Oxalis densa
Oxalis densifolia
Oxalis depressa
Oxalis deserticola
Oxalis diamantinae
Oxalis dichondrifolia (peonyleaf woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis dichotoma
Oxalis dilatata
Oxalis dillenii (yellow woodsorrel)
Oxalis dimidiata
Oxalis dines
Oxalis discolor
Oxalis disticha
Oxalis distincta
Oxalis divaricata
Oxalis divergens
Oxalis doceana
Oxalis dolichopoda
Oxalis dombeyi
Oxalis dregei
Oxalis dreyerae
Oxalis droseroides
Oxalis drummondii (Drummond's woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis dudleyi
Oxalis dumetorum
Oxalis duriuscula
Oxalis ebracteata (dwarf woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis eckloniana
Oxalis ecuadorensis (Endangered)
Oxalis elegans
Oxalis elsae
Oxalis engleriana
Oxalis enneaphylla (scurvy-grass sorrel)
Oxalis eremobia
Oxalis ericifolia
Oxalis ericoides
Oxalis eriocarpa
Oxalis eriolepis
Oxalis erosa
Oxalis erythrorhiza
Oxalis exilis
Oxalis exserta
Oxalis extensa
Oxalis falcatula
Oxalis famatinae
Oxalis fendleri
Oxalis fenestrata
Oxalis ferae
Oxalis fergusonae
Oxalis fibrosa
Oxalis filifoliolata
Oxalis filiformis
Oxalis flagellata
Oxalis flava
Oxalis flaviuscula
Oxalis floribunda
Oxalis foliosa
Oxalis fontana
Oxalis fourcadei
Oxalis foveolata
Oxalis fragilis
Oxalis frutescens (shrubby oxalis) (Attributes)
Oxalis fruticosa
Oxalis furcillata
Oxalis gagneorum
Oxalis gardneriana
Oxalis geralensis
Oxalis giftbergensis
Oxalis glabra
Oxalis glauca
Oxalis glaucescens
Oxalis goetzei
Oxalis goniorrhiza
Oxalis goyazensis
Oxalis gracilipes
Oxalis gracilis
Oxalis grammopetala
Oxalis grammophylla
Oxalis grandis (Great yellow woodsorrel)
Oxalis griffithii
Oxalis grisea
Oxalis gyrorhiza
Oxalis haedulipes
Oxalis hedysarifolia
Oxalis hedysaroides (fire fern)
Oxalis heidelbergensis
Oxalis helicoides
Oxalis hepatica
Oxalis hernandezii
Oxalis heterophylla
Oxalis hirsuta
Oxalis hirsutibulba
Oxalis hirsutissima
Oxalis hirta (tropical woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis hispidula
Oxalis hochreutineri
Oxalis holosericea
Oxalis humbertii
Oxalis humblotii
Oxalis hyalotricha
Oxalis hygrophila
Oxalis hypsophila
Oxalis illinoensis (Illinois woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis imbricata
Oxalis impatiens
Oxalis inaequalis
Oxalis incana
Oxalis incarnata (crimson woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis inconspicua
Oxalis integra
Oxalis involuta
Oxalis ioeides
Oxalis irreperta
Oxalis jacquiniana
Oxalis jamesonii
Oxalis jasminifolia
Oxalis johnstonii
Oxalis juruensis
Oxalis kalbreyeri
Oxalis kamieshergensis
Oxalis killipii
Oxalis knuthiana
Oxalis kollmannii
Oxalis kuhlmannii
Oxalis laciniata
Oxalis lanata
Oxalis lasiandra
Oxalis lasiopetala
Oxalis lasiorrhiza
Oxalis latemucronata
Oxalis latifolia (broadleaf woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis lawsonii
Oxalis laxa
Oxalis laxicaulis
Oxalis leipoldtii
Oxalis leptocalyx
Oxalis leptogramma
Oxalis leptopodes
Oxalis lespedezioides
Oxalis leucophylla
Oxalis levis
Oxalis libertatis
Oxalis lichenoides
Oxalis linarantha
Oxalis lindaviana
Oxalis lindneri
Oxalis linearis
Oxalis lineolata
Oxalis livida
Oxalis lomana
Oxalis longissima
Oxalis loricata
Oxalis lotoides
Oxalis louisae
Oxalis luederitzii
Oxalis lunulata
Oxalis luteola
Oxalis macbridei
Oxalis macra
Oxalis macrocarpa
Oxalis macrorrhiza
Oxalis madrensis
Oxalis magellanica
Oxalis magnifica
Oxalis magnifolia
Oxalis mandioccana
Oxalis marlothii
Oxalis massoniana
Oxalis matancillae
Oxalis medicaginea
Oxalis megalorrhiza
Oxalis meisneri
Oxalis melanograpta
Oxalis melanosticta
Oxalis melilotoides
Oxalis melindae
Oxalis micrantha
Oxalis microcarpa
Oxalis microdonta
Oxalis minuta
Oxalis mira
Oxalis mollis
Oxalis mollissima
Oxalis monophylla
Oxalis montana (mountain woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis monticola
Oxalis morelosii
Oxalis morenoensis
Oxalis morronei
Oxalis mucronulata
Oxalis multicaulis
Oxalis muscoides
Oxalis myriophylla
Oxalis nahuelhuapiensis
Oxalis namaquana
Oxalis natans (Critically Endangered)
Oxalis nelsonii
Oxalis neorufescens
Oxalis neuwiedii
Oxalis nidulans
Oxalis niederleiniana
Oxalis niederleinii
Oxalis nigrescens
Oxalis nivea
Oxalis noctiflora
Oxalis nortieri
Oxalis novae-caledoniae
Oxalis novae-guineensis
Oxalis novemfoliolata
Oxalis nubigena
Oxalis nudiflora
Oxalis obliquifolia
Oxalis obtriangulata
Oxalis obtusa
Oxalis oculifera
Oxalis odonellii
Oxalis odorata
Oxalis oligophylla
Oxalis oligotricha
Oxalis orbicularis
Oxalis oregana (redwood-sorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis oreithala
Oxalis oreocharis
Oxalis ornithopus
Oxalis ortgiesii
Oxalis orthopoda
Oxalis oulophora
Oxalis ovalleana
Oxalis pachyrrhiza
Oxalis pallens
Oxalis palmifrons
Oxalis paludosa
Oxalis papuana
Oxalis paranaensis
Oxalis pardalis
Oxalis peduncularis
Oxalis pedunculata
Oxalis pendulifolia
Oxalis penicillata
Oxalis pennelliana (Endangered)
Oxalis perdicaria
Oxalis perennans
Oxalis perineson
Oxalis peruviana
Oxalis pes-caprae (Bermuda buttercup) (Attributes)
Oxalis petiolulata
Oxalis petraea
Oxalis petricola
Oxalis petrophila
Oxalis phaeotricha
Oxalis phaseolifolia
Oxalis phloxidiflora
Oxalis physocalyx
Oxalis pickeringii
Oxalis pillansiana
Oxalis pilulifera
Oxalis pinetorum
Oxalis pinguiculacea
Oxalis platylepis
Oxalis pocockiae
Oxalis polymorpha
Oxalis polyphylla
Oxalis porphyriosiphon
Oxalis potamophila
Oxalis praetexta
Oxalis pretoensis
Oxalis priceae (tufted yellow woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis primavera
Oxalis primuloides
Oxalis procumbens
Oxalis psammophila
Oxalis pseudocernua
Oxalis pseudohirta
Oxalis pseudoviolacea
Oxalis psilopoda
Oxalis psoraleoides
Oxalis ptychoclada
Oxalis puberula
Oxalis pulchella
Oxalis pulvinata
Oxalis punctata
Oxalis purpurascens
Oxalis purpurata
Oxalis purpurea (purple woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis pusilla
Oxalis pycnophylla
Oxalis pyrenea
Oxalis reclinata
Oxalis recticaulis
Oxalis reflexa
Oxalis refracta
Oxalis renifolia
Oxalis rhombeoovata
Oxalis rhombifolia
Oxalis rhomboidea
Oxalis ricardii
Oxalis riparia
Oxalis robinsonii
Oxalis rosea
Oxalis roselata
Oxalis rosettifolia
Oxalis rubens
Oxalis rubricallosa
Oxalis rubropunctata
Oxalis rugeliana (coamo) (Attributes)
Oxalis rupestris
Oxalis rusbyi
Oxalis rutenbergii
Oxalis salteri
Oxalis salteriana
Oxalis salticola
Oxalis saltusbelli
Oxalis salvadorensis
Oxalis san-miguelii
Oxalis san-romanii
Oxalis sandemanii
Oxalis sarmentosa
Oxalis scandens
Oxalis schaeferi
Oxalis scoparia
Oxalis sellowiana
Oxalis sellowii
Oxalis semiloba
Oxalis semitruncata
Oxalis senecta
Oxalis sepium
Oxalis serpens
Oxalis setosa
Oxalis simplex
Oxalis simplicifolia
Oxalis sleumeri
Oxalis smithiana
Oxalis solomonii
Oxalis sonderiana
Oxalis spiralis (Spiral Sorrel)
Oxalis spruceana
Oxalis squamata
Oxalis squamosoradicosa
Oxalis squarrosa
Oxalis stellata
Oxalis stenopetala
Oxalis stenoptera
Oxalis stenorrhyncha
Oxalis stictocheila
Oxalis stokoei
Oxalis strictula
Oxalis strigosa
Oxalis suavis
Oxalis subacaulis
Oxalis suborbiculata
Oxalis subsessilis
Oxalis subvillosa
Oxalis suksdorfii (Suksdorf woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis suteroides
Oxalis tabaconasensis
Oxalis tacorensis
Oxalis telmatica
Oxalis tenella
Oxalis teneriensis
Oxalis tenerrima
Oxalis tenuifolia (field sorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis tenuipes
Oxalis tenuis
Oxalis tessmannii
Oxalis tetraphylla (Iron Cross)
Oxalis thelyoxys
Oxalis thompsoniae
Oxalis tomentosa
Oxalis tortuosa
Oxalis tragopoda
Oxalis trianae
Oxalis triangularis (False Shamrock)
Oxalis trichophylla
Oxalis trilliifolia (threeleaf woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis trollii
Oxalis truncatula
Oxalis tuberosa (oca) (Attributes)
Oxalis tucumayensis
Oxalis tysonii
Oxalis uliginosa (Critically Endangered)
Oxalis umbraticola
Oxalis unduavensis
Oxalis valdiviensis
Oxalis vargasii
Oxalis variifolia
Oxalis veadeirosensis
Oxalis versicolor
Oxalis violacea (purple woodsorrel) (Attributes)
Oxalis violacella
Oxalis virgata
Oxalis virginea
Oxalis virgosa
Oxalis viscidula
Oxalis viscosa
Oxalis westii
Oxalis williamsii
Oxalis wulingensis
Oxalis wurdackii
Oxalis xantha
Oxalis xiphophylla
Oxalis yacutulensis
Oxalis yungasensis
Oxalis zamorana
Oxalis zeekoevleyensis
Oxalis zeyheri

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