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Opuntia (pricklypear)

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Opuntia is a genus in the cactus family, Cactaceae. The most common culinary species is the Indian fig opuntia (O. ficus-indica). Most culinary uses of the term "prickly pear" refer to this species. Prickly pears are also known as tuna (fruit), sabra, nopal (paddle, plural nopales) from the Nahuatl word nōpalli for the pads, or nostle, from the Nahuatl word nōchtli for the fruit; or paddle cactus. The genus is named for the Ancient Greek city of Opus, where, according to Theophrastus, an edible plant grew which could be propagated by rooting its leaves.
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Opuntia acaulis
Opuntia aciculata (Chenille Prickly Pear)
Opuntia aequatorialis
Opuntia anacantha
Opuntia andersonii
Opuntia apurimacensis
Opuntia arcei
Opuntia arechavaletae
Opuntia assumptionis
Opuntia atrispina (border pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia aurantiaca (jointed prickly pear)
Opuntia aurea (golden pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia aureispina (Rio Grande pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia basilaris (beavertail prickleypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia boldinghii
Opuntia borinquensis (olaga) (Attributes)
Opuntia bravoana
Opuntia canina
Opuntia caracassana
Opuntia cereiformis <Unverified Name>
Opuntia chaffeyi (Critically Endangered)
Opuntia chisosensis (Chisos Mountain pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia chlorotica (pancake pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia columbiana
Opuntia cordobensis (Argentine pricklypear)
Opuntia cubensis (bullsuckers)
Opuntia curassavica
Opuntia curvispina (searchlight pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia decumbens
Opuntia delaetiana
Opuntia demissa (pricklypear)
Opuntia depressa
Opuntia discata (smallfruit pricklypear)
Opuntia edwardsii (Edwards' pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia ekmanii
Opuntia elata
Opuntia elatior
Opuntia engelmannii (cactus apple) (Attributes)
Opuntia excelsa
Opuntia ficus <Unverified Name>
Opuntia ficus-barbarica <Unverified Name>
Opuntia ficus-indica (Indian-fig) (Attributes)
Opuntia fragilis (jumping cactus) (Attributes)
Opuntia fuliginosa
Opuntia galapageia
Opuntia glaucophylla <Unverified Name>
Opuntia gosseliniana (violet pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia hernandezi <Unverified Name>
Opuntia huajuapensis
Opuntia humifusa (pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia hyptiacantha
Opuntia indica <Unverified Name>
Opuntia kiska-loro <Unverified Name>
Opuntia lagunae
Opuntia lasiacantha
Opuntia leucotricha (arborescent pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia littoralis (coastal prickly-pear) (Attributes)
Opuntia longispina <Unverified Name>
Opuntia lucayana
Opuntia macbridei <Unverified Name>
Opuntia macrocentra (purple prickly-pear) (Attributes)
Opuntia macrorhiza (plains twistspine pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia maxima
Opuntia megapotamica
Opuntia megarrhiza (Endangered)
Opuntia micro-dassi <Unverified Name>
Opuntia microdasys (Bunny Ears Cactus)
Opuntia monacantha (common pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia nana <Unverified Name>
Opuntia nicholii (Navajo Bridge pricklypear)
Opuntia occidentalis (pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia oricola (chaparral pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia pachyrrhiza <Unverified Name> (Endangered)
Opuntia pampeana <Unverified Name>
Opuntia parviclada
Opuntia phaeacantha (brownspine pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia pilifera
Opuntia pinkavae (Pinkava's pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia pittieri
Opuntia polyacantha (plains pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia polyantha <Unverified Name>
Opuntia pottsii
Opuntia puberula
Opuntia pubescens
Opuntia pusilla (cockspur pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia pycnantha
Opuntia quimilo
Opuntia quitensis
Opuntia repens (roving pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia retrorsa <Unverified Name>
Opuntia robinsonii
Opuntia robusta (Wheel Cactus)
Opuntia rooneyi
Opuntia rufida (blind pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia salmiana
Opuntia sanguinea
Opuntia santa-rita (Santa Rita pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia sarca <Unverified Name>
Opuntia scheeri
Opuntia schickendantzii
Opuntia schumannii
Opuntia septacantha <Unverified Name>
Opuntia soederstromiana
Opuntia spinosibacca (pricklypear)
Opuntia stenarthra
Opuntia stenopetala
Opuntia streptacantha
Opuntia stricta (Spiny pest pear) (Attributes)
Opuntia strigil (marblefruit pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia sulphurea
Opuntia taylorii
Opuntia tehuacana
Opuntia tehuantepecana
Opuntia tomentosa (woollyjoint pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia tortispina (grassland pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia triacantha (Spanish lady) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Opuntia tuna (elephantear pricklypear)
Opuntia valida (San Antonio pricklypear) (Attributes)
Opuntia vaseyi
Opuntia velutina
Opuntia wilcoxii
Opuntia wootonii

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