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Persea is a genus of about 150 species of evergreen trees belonging to the laurel family, Lauraceae. The best-known member of the genus is the avocado, P. americana, widely cultivated in subtropical regions for its large, edible fruit.
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Persea acunae
Persea alba
Persea albida (Endangered)
Persea albiramea
Persea alpigena
Persea americana (avocado) (Attributes)
Persea anomala
Persea areolatocostae
Persea aurata
Persea benthamiana
Persea bernardii
Persea bilocularis
Persea boldufolia
Persea borbonia (redbay) (Attributes)
Persea bordonia <Unverified Name>
Persea brenesii
Persea brevipes
Persea brevipetiolata
Persea buchtienii
Persea bullata
Persea caerulea (Attributes)
Persea caesia
Persea campii
Persea chamissonis (Endangered)
Persea chrysantha
Persea chrysophylla
Persea cinerascens (Endangered)
Persea conferta (Endangered)
Persea corymbosa
Persea costata
Persea croatii
Persea croizatii
Persea cuatrecasasii
Persea cubensis
Persea cuneata
Persea donnell-smithii
Persea fastigiata
Persea fendleri
Persea ferruginea
Persea fluviatilis
Persea fulva
Persea fusca
Persea galeae
Persea glabra
Persea grandiflora
Persea haenkeana
Persea hexanthera
Persea hintonii
Persea hirta
Persea humilis (silk bay) (Attributes)
Persea jariensis
Persea jenmanii
Persea julianae
Persea kostermansii
Persea krugii (canela) (Attributes)
Persea laevifolia
Persea lemensis
Persea liebmannii
Persea lingue (Attributes)
Persea longipes (Endangered)
Persea maguirei
Persea major
Persea meridensis
Persea microphylla
Persea mutisii
Persea negracotensis
Persea nivea
Persea nudigemma (laurel)
Persea oblongifolia
Persea obovata
Persea obscura
Persea obtusifolia
Persea pajonalis
Persea pallescens (Endangered)
Persea palustris (swamp bay) (Attributes)
Persea pedunculosa
Persea perglauca
Persea perseiphylla
Persea peruviana
Persea povedae
Persea pseudofasciculata
Persea punctata
Persea purpusii
Persea pyrifolia
Persea raimondii
Persea rigens
Persea rigida
Persea rufescens (Endangered)
Persea rufotomentosa
Persea ruizii
Persea schiedeana (coyo) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Persea sericea
Persea sessilis
Persea shaferi
Persea silvatica
Persea sphaerocarpa
Persea splendens
Persea standleyi
Persea stricta
Persea subcordata
Persea sylvestris
Persea trollii
Persea urbaniana (aquacatillo) (Attributes)
Persea venosa
Persea veraguasensis (Attributes)
Persea vesticula
Persea weberbaueri
Persea willdenovii

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