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Dendrobates is a genus of poison dart frogs native to Central and South America. Dendrobates once contained over 40 species, but has lost nearly all of them to the genera Oophaga, Ranitomeya, Andinobates, and Phyllobates. The generic name Dendrobates is derived from the Greek words dendron "δένδρο" ("a tree") and bato "βατῷ" ("I mount"), meaning ‘tree climber’.
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Dendrobates auratus (Green and Black Dart-poison Frog) (Attributes)
Dendrobates leucomelas (Yellow-banded poison frog) (Attributes)
Dendrobates nubeculosus (Attributes)
Dendrobates tinctorius (dyeing dart frog) (Attributes)
Dendrobates truncatus (Yellow-striped poison dart frog) (Attributes)

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