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Larinus is a genus of true weevils, comprising about 180 species, mostly in the Palaearctic region. Turkey appears to have a significant diversity of the group, with more than 50 species recorded in the Eastern part of the country. Several of these beetles are used as agents of biological pest control against noxious weeds. They feed on flower heads, destroying the developing seeds of the weeds. Species include:
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Larinus abbreviatus
Larinus abyssinicus
Larinus acanthiae
Larinus adjectus
Larinus adspersus
Larinus aegyptiacus
Larinus aeruginosus
Larinus afer
Larinus affinis
Larinus afghanicus
Larinus akbesianus
Larinus albarius
Larinus albocinctus
Larinus albolineatus
Larinus albomarginatus
Larinus anceps
Larinus arabicus
Larinus araxicola
Larinus assamensis
Larinus atomarius
Larinus australis
Larinus badghysensis
Larinus bardes
Larinus bardus
Larinus basalis
Larinus beckeri
Larinus bedeli
Larinus bicolor
Larinus biggsi
Larinus biguttatus
Larinus bilineatus
Larinus bombycinus
Larinus brenskei
Larinus brevirostris
Larinus brevis
Larinus breviusculus
Larinus bronni
Larinus brunneus
Larinus buccinator
Larinus bulgaricus
Larinus byrrhinus
Larinus caffer
Larinus canescens
Larinus capiomonti
Larinus capsulatus
Larinus cardopatii
Larinus cardui
Larinus carinifer
Larinus carinirostris
Larinus carlinae
Larinus carthami
Larinus castaneus
Larinus centaurei
Larinus centaurii
Larinus chaldaeus
Larinus chevrolati
Larinus chevrolatii
Larinus cinerascens
Larinus ciprianii
Larinus cirsii
Larinus clainpanaini
Larinus cleoniformis
Larinus cleonoides
Larinus comatus
Larinus confinis
Larinus congoanus
Larinus consimilis
Larinus conspersus
Larinus contractus
Larinus corsicus
Larinus costirostris
Larinus crassiusculus
Larinus crassus
Larinus cribricollis
Larinus criniger
Larinus crinitus
Larinus cuniculus
Larinus curtus
Larinus cylindricus
Larinus cynarae
Larinus darsi
Larinus densicollis
Larinus depressirostris
Larinus desbrochersi
Larinus dicomatis
Larinus discoideus
Larinus dissimilis
Larinus distinguendus
Larinus elegans
Larinus escorialensis
Larinus exclusus
Larinus ferrugatus
Larinus ferrugineus
Larinus filiformis
Larinus filirostris
Larinus flavescens
Larinus fleischeri
Larinus formosus
Larinus foveicollis
Larinus frater
Larinus friedmani
Larinus fucatus
Larinus genei
Larinus gigas
Larinus glabrirostris
Larinus glaucus
Larinus granicollis
Larinus gravidus
Larinus griseopilosus
Larinus griseotesselatus
Larinus grisescens
Larinus griseus
Larinus guttifer
Larinus guttiger
Larinus gyllenhali
Larinus haroldi
Larinus hedenborgi
Larinus hercyniae
Larinus heydeni
Larinus hierosolymae
Larinus hirtus
Larinus hispanicus
Larinus hololeucus
Larinus hovanus
Larinus humeralis
Larinus iaceae
Larinus idoneus
Larinus immitis
Larinus impressus
Larinus inaequalicollis
Larinus indicus
Larinus inflatirostris
Larinus inflatus
Larinus inquinatus
Larinus intermedius
Larinus interruptus
Larinus iranensis
Larinus iranicus
Larinus jacobsoni
Larinus jelineki
Larinus katoi
Larinus khnzoriani
Larinus kirschi
Larinus kishidai
Larinus kurilanus
Larinus kuroiwai
Larinus lanuginosus
Larinus latissimus
Larinus latus
Larinus laujarensis
Larinus lederi
Larinus lejeunei
Larinus lethierryi
Larinus leuzeae
Larinus liliputanus
Larinus lindblomi
Larinus lineatocollis
Larinus lineatus
Larinus lineola
Larinus longirostris
Larinus lucidirostris
Larinus lynx
Larinus maculatus
Larinus maculosus
Larinus madagassus
Larinus marginicollis
Larinus marki
Larinus maroccanus
Larinus maurus
Larinus meleagris
Larinus mellificus
Larinus meridionalis
Larinus microlonchi
Larinus minutissimus
Larinus minutus (lesser knapweed flower weevil)
Larinus mirei
Larinus modestus
Larinus morio
Larinus multiguttatus
Larinus murinus
Larinus mutabilis
Larinus nanus
Larinus niasanus
Larinus nidificans
Larinus nodieri
Larinus nubeculosus
Larinus numidicus
Larinus obesulus
Larinus obesus
Larinus oblongus
Larinus obtusus (blunt knapweed flower weevil)
Larinus ocelliger
Larinus ochreatus
Larinus ochroleucus
Larinus odontalgicus
Larinus olsufievi
Larinus onopordi
Larinus onopordinis
Larinus orientalis
Larinus orientis
Larinus ornatus
Larinus oudjensis
Larinus ovaliformis
Larinus ovalipennis
Larinus ovalis
Larinus pacatus
Larinus pachyrrhinus
Larinus palaestinus
Larinus paradoxus
Larinus perbellus
Larinus peregrinus
Larinus perrinae
Larinus persicus
Larinus petrii
Larinus pilosus
Larinus planus
Larinus pollinis
Larinus potanini
Larinus proboscideus
Larinus pruinosus
Larinus pseudovittatus
Larinus pulverulentus
Larinus pulvinatus
Larinus pumilio
Larinus puncticeps
Larinus puncticollis
Larinus punctiger
Larinus pygmaeus
Larinus reconditus
Larinus rectinasus
Larinus reichei
Larinus reitteri
Larinus reitterianus
Larinus remissus
Larinus rhinocylloides
Larinus risbeci
Larinus rivalis
Larinus roreus
Larinus ruber
Larinus rubripes
Larinus rudicollis
Larinus rufipes
Larinus rugicollis
Larinus rugithorax
Larinus rugulosus
Larinus rusticanus
Larinus sacer
Larinus saintpierrei
Larinus sanctaebalmae
Larinus sanctus
Larinus saussureae
Larinus scabrirostris
Larinus schmidti
Larinus schoenherri
Larinus scolopax
Larinus scolymi
Larinus scrobicollis
Larinus senilis
Larinus sericatus
Larinus serratulae
Larinus sibiricus
Larinus sicardi
Larinus siculus
Larinus simplex
Larinus soricinus
Larinus squalidus
Larinus staehelinae
Larinus staudingeri
Larinus stellaris
Larinus stierlini
Larinus striatopunctatus
Larinus stricticollis
Larinus sturnus
Larinus subcostatus
Larinus suborbicularis
Larinus subperegrinus
Larinus subrotundatus
Larinus subvariolosus
Larinus subverrucosus
Larinus sulphuratus
Larinus sulphurifer
Larinus syriacus
Larinus tanganus
Larinus taukumicus
Larinus tauricus
Larinus tenuicorpus
Larinus teretirostris
Larinus terminassianae
Larinus timidus
Larinus tournieri
Larinus tubicen
Larinus tubicenus
Larinus turanicus
Larinus turbinatus
Larinus turcmenus
Larinus undulatus
Larinus ungulatus
Larinus uniformis
Larinus ursus
Larinus variegatus
Larinus variolosus
Larinus velatus
Larinus vetula
Larinus villosicollis
Larinus villosiventris
Larinus villosus
Larinus virescens
Larinus vitellinus
Larinus vittatus
Larinus volgensis
Larinus vulpes
Larinus westringi
Larinus wilkinsi
Larinus zagros
Larinus zancleanus
Larinus zanoni

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