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Tibouchina (glorytree)

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Tibouchina /ˌtɪbuːˈkaɪnə/ is a genus of about 350 species of neotropical plants in the family Melastomataceae. They are trees, shrubs or subshrubs growing 0.5–25 m tall, and are known as glory bushes or glory trees. They are native to rainforests of Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America, especially Brazil. There is one Australian. The name comes from an adaptation of a term for a member of this genus in an indigenous language of the Guianas.
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Tibouchina ackermannii
Tibouchina ademarii
Tibouchina adenophora
Tibouchina alata
Tibouchina albescens
Tibouchina almedae
Tibouchina alpestris
Tibouchina amoena
Tibouchina anderssonii (Endangered)
Tibouchina andreana
Tibouchina apparicioi
Tibouchina araguaiensis
Tibouchina araneicalyx
Tibouchina arenaria
Tibouchina aristeguietae
Tibouchina arthrostemmoides
Tibouchina asperifolia
Tibouchina aurea
Tibouchina axillaris
Tibouchina bahiensis
Tibouchina barnebyana
Tibouchina bergiana
Tibouchina blanchetiana
Tibouchina boraceiensis
Tibouchina boudetii
Tibouchina bracteolata
Tibouchina bradeana
Tibouchina breedlovei
Tibouchina brevisepala
Tibouchina brittoniana
Tibouchina bruniana
Tibouchina caatingae
Tibouchina caldensis
Tibouchina calycina
Tibouchina campii
Tibouchina carvalhoi
Tibouchina castellensis
Tibouchina catharinae
Tibouchina cerastifolia
Tibouchina chiapensis
Tibouchina cinerea
Tibouchina cisplatensis
Tibouchina clavata
Tibouchina comosa
Tibouchina congestiflora
Tibouchina connata
Tibouchina cordifolia
Tibouchina cornuta
Tibouchina crassiramis
Tibouchina cristata
Tibouchina cryptadena
Tibouchina decemcostata
Tibouchina decora
Tibouchina dimorphophylla
Tibouchina discolor
Tibouchina dissitiflora
Tibouchina divaricata
Tibouchina dubia
Tibouchina duidae
Tibouchina durangensis
Tibouchina dusenii
Tibouchina edmundoi
Tibouchina eichleri
Tibouchina elegantula
Tibouchina erioclada
Tibouchina estrellensis
Tibouchina exasperata
Tibouchina excoriata
Tibouchina ferrariana
Tibouchina floribunda
Tibouchina formosa
Tibouchina fraterna
Tibouchina fulvipilis
Tibouchina gardneri
Tibouchina geitneriana
Tibouchina gleasoniana
Tibouchina goldenbergii
Tibouchina grossa
Tibouchina hassleri
Tibouchina hatschbachii
Tibouchina herbacea (glorybush) (Attributes)
Tibouchina herincquiana
Tibouchina herzogii
Tibouchina hintonii
Tibouchina hirsuta
Tibouchina hirsutissima
Tibouchina huberi
Tibouchina hutchisonii
Tibouchina hygrophila
Tibouchina incarum
Tibouchina inopinata
Tibouchina itatiaiae
Tibouchina johnwurdackiana
Tibouchina karstenii
Tibouchina kingii
Tibouchina kleinii
Tibouchina kuhlmannii
Tibouchina kunhardtii
Tibouchina laevicaulis
Tibouchina laevis
Tibouchina lanceolata
Tibouchina lancifolia
Tibouchina latibracteolata
Tibouchina lilacina
Tibouchina lindeniana
Tibouchina lithophila
Tibouchina llanorum
Tibouchina longipilosa
Tibouchina longisepala
Tibouchina longistyla
Tibouchina luetzelburgii
Tibouchina lutzii
Tibouchina macvaughii
Tibouchina manicata
Tibouchina mariae
Tibouchina marinana
Tibouchina mathaei
Tibouchina melanocalyx
Tibouchina mello-barretoi
Tibouchina membranifolia
Tibouchina microphylla
Tibouchina minor
Tibouchina minutiflora
Tibouchina mollis
Tibouchina mosenii
Tibouchina nanifolia
Tibouchina narinoensis
Tibouchina nigricans
Tibouchina nitida
Tibouchina nobilis
Tibouchina noblickii
Tibouchina nodosa
Tibouchina obtusifolia
Tibouchina octopetala
Tibouchina oligantha
Tibouchina oreophila
Tibouchina oroensis
Tibouchina pallida
Tibouchina parviflora
Tibouchina patens
Tibouchina paulistana
Tibouchina pauloalvinii
Tibouchina pendula
Tibouchina pentamera
Tibouchina pereirae
Tibouchina pilosa
Tibouchina prostrata
Tibouchina pseudotriflora
Tibouchina pulcherrima
Tibouchina purpurascens
Tibouchina quartzophila
Tibouchina radula
Tibouchina ramboi
Tibouchina rediviva
Tibouchina regeliana
Tibouchina regnellii
Tibouchina reitzii
Tibouchina repens
Tibouchina rhynchantherifolia
Tibouchina riedeliana
Tibouchina rigidula
Tibouchina riparia
Tibouchina robusta
Tibouchina rojasii
Tibouchina rosanae
Tibouchina roseotincta
Tibouchina rubrobracteata
Tibouchina rupestris
Tibouchina rupicola
Tibouchina rusbyi
Tibouchina sandiensis
Tibouchina saxicola
Tibouchina saxosa
Tibouchina schenckii
Tibouchina schwackei
Tibouchina sebastianopolitana
Tibouchina sellowiana
Tibouchina sericea
Tibouchina serrana
Tibouchina sickii
Tibouchina silvestris
Tibouchina simplicicaulis
Tibouchina sinaloensis
Tibouchina sipapoana
Tibouchina solmsii
Tibouchina spruceana
Tibouchina stellipilis
Tibouchina stenophylla
Tibouchina steyermarkii
Tibouchina stipulacea
Tibouchina stricta
Tibouchina subglabra
Tibouchina taperoensis
Tibouchina tedescoi
Tibouchina terrariana
Tibouchina tetrapetala
Tibouchina thulia
Tibouchina tomentulosa
Tibouchina triflora
Tibouchina urbanii
Tibouchina urvilleana (princessflower) (Attributes)
Tibouchina venosa
Tibouchina versicolor
Tibouchina verticillaris
Tibouchina violacea
Tibouchina virgata
Tibouchina wasshausenii
Tibouchina weberbaueri
Tibouchina wurdackii
Tibouchina xochiatencana

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