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Phyllota is an Australian genus from the family Fabaceae, a biological grouping of flowering plants. Species include: \n* Phyllota barbata Benth. \n* Phyllota diffusa (Hook.f.) F.Muell. \n* Phyllota gracilis Turcz. \n* Phyllota grandiflora Benth. \n* Phyllota humifusa A.Cunn. ex Benth. \n* Phyllota humilis S.Moore \n* Phyllota luehmannii F.Muell. \n* Phyllota phylicoides (Sieber ex DC.) Benth. \n* Phyllota pleurandroides F.Muell. \n* Phyllota remota J.H.Willis \n* Phyllota squarrosa (DC.) Benth.
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