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Ravenea (Majesty Palm)

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Ravenea (majesty palm) is a genus of 20 known species of palms, all native to Madagascar and the Comoros. They are small to large palms, with solitary, robust grey stems, swollen at base and gradually tapering upward. The species vary greatly in size, with R. hildebrandtii and R. nana only reaching 4 m, while R. robustior and R. sambiranensis both reach 30 m. The leaves are up to 2-5 m long, pinnately compound, reduplicate, erect at first then arching, twisted near the apex; with numerous crowded narrow ribbed leaflets. The inflorescence is short, borne among the leaves; the fruit is a red drupe.
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Ravenea albicans (Endangered)
Ravenea beentjei (Critically Endangered)
Ravenea declivium
Ravenea delicatula (Critically Endangered)
Ravenea dransfieldii (Endangered)
Ravenea glauca
Ravenea hildebrandtii (Endangered)
Ravenea hypoleuca (Critically Endangered)
Ravenea julietiae (Endangered)
Ravenea krociana (Endangered)
Ravenea lakatra (Critically Endangered)
Ravenea latisecta (Critically Endangered)
Ravenea louvelii (Lakamarefo palm) (Critically Endangered)
Ravenea madagascariensis
Ravenea moorei (Critically Endangered)
Ravenea musicalis (Critically Endangered)
Ravenea nana (Endangered)
Ravenea rivularis (Majestic Palm)
Ravenea robustior
Ravenea sambiranensis (Attributes)
Ravenea xerophila

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