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Alopecosa is a spider genus in the family Lycosidae (wolf spiders), with about 140 species and several subspecies. Most species grow up to 2 cm. Alopecosa females make a burrow in which they deposit their egg sac. The female then stays in the burrow guarding the sac until the eggs hatch. In Germany, there are about 15 described species. There is at least one in the United States. They favor dry climates.
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Alopecosa aculeata
Alopecosa akkolka
Alopecosa albofasciata
Alopecosa albonotata
Alopecosa albostriata
Alopecosa albovittata
Alopecosa alpicola
Alopecosa andesiana
Alopecosa artenarensis
Alopecosa atis
Alopecosa auripilosa
Alopecosa aurita
Alopecosa ayubaevorum
Alopecosa azsheganovae
Alopecosa balinensis
Alopecosa barbipes
Alopecosa beckeri
Alopecosa camerunensis
Alopecosa canaricola
Alopecosa cedroensis
Alopecosa chagyabensis
Alopecosa cinnameopilosa
Alopecosa cronebergi
Alopecosa cuneata
Alopecosa cursor
Alopecosa cursorioides
Alopecosa curtohirta
Alopecosa deserta
Alopecosa disca
Alopecosa dryada
Alopecosa edax
Alopecosa ermolaevi
Alopecosa etrusca
Alopecosa exasperans
Alopecosa fabrilis
Alopecosa farinosa
Alopecosa fedotovi
Alopecosa fuerteventurensis
Alopecosa fulvastra
Alopecosa gachangensis
Alopecosa gomerae
Alopecosa gracilis
Alopecosa grancanariensis
Alopecosa hamata
Alopecosa hermiguensis
Alopecosa himalayaensis
Alopecosa hingganica
Alopecosa hirta
Alopecosa hirtipes
Alopecosa hoevelsi
Alopecosa hokkaidensis
Alopecosa huabanna
Alopecosa hui
Alopecosa inderensis
Alopecosa inimica
Alopecosa inquilina
Alopecosa irinae
Alopecosa kalahariana
Alopecosa kalavrita
Alopecosa kaplanovi
Alopecosa kasakhstanica
Alopecosa kochi
Alopecosa koponeni
Alopecosa kovblyuki
Alopecosa kratochvili
Alopecosa krynickii
Alopecosa kulczynski
Alopecosa kulczynskii
Alopecosa kulsaryensis
Alopecosa kungurica
Alopecosa kuntzi
Alopecosa laciniosa
Alopecosa lallemandi
Alopecosa latifasciata
Alopecosa leonhardii
Alopecosa lessertiana
Alopecosa licenti
Alopecosa lindbergi
Alopecosa linzhan
Alopecosa litvinovi
Alopecosa longicymbia
Alopecosa madigani
Alopecosa mariae
Alopecosa marikovskyi
Alopecosa medvedevi
Alopecosa michaelseni
Alopecosa mikhailovi
Alopecosa moesta
Alopecosa mojonia
Alopecosa moriutii
Alopecosa mutabilis
Alopecosa nagpag
Alopecosa nemurensis
Alopecosa nigricans
Alopecosa nitidus
Alopecosa notabilis
Alopecosa nybelini
Alopecosa oahuensis
Alopecosa obscura
Alopecosa obsoleta
Alopecosa ogorodica
Alopecosa orbisaca
Alopecosa orophila
Alopecosa orotavensis
Alopecosa osa
Alopecosa osellai
Alopecosa ovalis
Alopecosa palmae
Alopecosa passibilis
Alopecosa pelusiaca
Alopecosa pentheri
Alopecosa pictilis
Alopecosa pinetorum
Alopecosa psammophila
Alopecosa pseudocuneata
Alopecosa pulverulenta
Alopecosa raddei
Alopecosa rapa
Alopecosa restricta
Alopecosa rosea
Alopecosa saurica
Alopecosa schmidti
Alopecosa sciophila
Alopecosa sibirica
Alopecosa simoni
Alopecosa sokhondoensis
Alopecosa solitaria
Alopecosa solivaga
Alopecosa spasskyi
Alopecosa spinata
Alopecosa steppica
Alopecosa striatipes
Alopecosa sublimbata
Alopecosa subrufa
Alopecosa subsolitaria
Alopecosa subvalida
Alopecosa sulzeri
Alopecosa taeniata
Alopecosa taeniopus
Alopecosa tanakai
Alopecosa thaleri
Alopecosa trabalis
Alopecosa tunetana
Alopecosa upembania
Alopecosa valida
Alopecosa virgata
Alopecosa volubilis
Alopecosa wenxianensis
Alopecosa xilinensis
Alopecosa xiningensis
Alopecosa xinjiangensis
Alopecosa xuelin
Alopecosa yamalensis
Alopecosa zyuzini

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