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Grossera is a plant genus of the family Euphorbiaceae first described as a genus in 1903. It is native to Madagascar and to mainland tropical Africa. Species 1. \n* Grossera angustifolia Barbera&Riina - Equatorial Guinea 2. \n* Grossera elongata Hutch. - Príncipe 3. \n* Grossera glomeratospicata J.Léonard - Zaïre 4. \n* Grossera macrantha Pax - Zaïre, Congo, Cameroon, Central African Rep 5. \n* Grossera major Pax - Cameroon 6. \n* Grossera multinervis J.Léonard - Zaïre, São Tomé 7. \n* Grossera paniculata Pax - Congo, Cameroon, Gabon 8. \n* Grossera perrieri Leandri - Madagascar 9. \n* Grossera vignei Hoyle - Ivory Coast, Ghana, Congoformerly included
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