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Pholidostachys is a genus of palms found in Central America and northwestern South America (northwestern Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru). 1. \n* Pholidostachys amazonensis A.J.Hend. - Peru 2. \n* Pholidostachys dactyloides H.E.Moore. - Panama, Colombia, Ecuador 3. \n* Pholidostachys kalbreyeri H.Wendl. ex Burret - Panama, Colombia 4. \n* Pholidostachys occidentalis A.J.Hend. - Ecuador 5. \n* Pholidostachys panamensis A.J.Hend. - Panama 6. \n* Pholidostachys pulchra H.Wendl. ex Burret - Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia 7. \n* Pholidostachys sanluisensis A.J.Hend. - Colombia 8. \n* Pholidostachys synanthera (Mart.) H.E.Moore - Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Amazonas State of Brazil
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