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Phidippus regius (Regal Jumping Spider)

Synonyms: Phidippus audax limbatus; Phidippus miniatus; Phidippus purpurifer; Phidippus tullgreni

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Phidippus regius, known commonly as the regal jumping spider, is the largest species of jumping spider in eastern North America. Adult males range from 6 to 18 mm (0.24–0.71 in) in body length and average 12 mm (0.47 in). Females range from 7 to 22 mm (0.28–0.87 in) and average 15 mm (0.59 in). P. octopunctatus from western North America reaches a larger size. Males and females are easily differentiated. The males are always black with a pattern of white spots and stripes. Females often bear similar patterns to the males, but range in color from shades of gray to a vivid orange.
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America Central; Bahamas; Cuba; Dominicana; Haiti; Jamaica; America North; USA: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, N Carolina, S Carolina, Virginia; Atlantic Is; Bermuda; Pacific Is.; Easter Is.;

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