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Paranephrops zealandicus (koura)

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Paranephrops is a genus of freshwater crayfish found only in New Zealand. They are known as crayfish in New Zealand English and koura (or kōura) in Māori. (Confusingly, both words are also used to refer to the marine rock lobster.) There are two species: the northern koura, Paranephrops planifrons, found mainly in the North Island, but also in Marlborough, Nelson and the West Coast of the South Island; and the southern koura, Paranephrops zealandicus, found only in the east and south of the South Island, and on Stewart Island/Rakiura. Both species are a traditional food for Māori, and there is a small koura aquaculture industry for the restaurant market.
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Paranephrops zealandicus (koura)[1]
Salmo trutta (Brown trout)[1]


New Zealand;

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