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Peltaria alliacea (garlic cress)

Synonyms: Clypeola alliacea; Peltaria perennis

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Peltaria alliacea (garlic cress) is a perennial in the family Brassicaceae, endemic in Southeastern Europe. The plant grows up to 60 cm and flowers white from May to July. The plant is glabrous with simple, entire leaves. The leaves are ovate, sessile and amplexicaule. The 3-4 mm long white petals are shortly clawed. The orbicular, very flat silicula is pendent and has a size of about 6x6 mm. Its chromosome number is 2n=14 (also: 28, 56). The plant is also grown as a herb or vegetable. The leaves can be used and add a spiciness to salads. Although, they can become bitter in the summer.
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Contarinia nasturtii[1]

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