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Embioptera (webspinners)

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The order Embioptera, commonly known as webspinners, are a small group of mostly tropical and subtropical insects, classified under the subclass Pterygota. The order has also been referred to as Embiodea or Embiidina. The name Embioptera ("lively wings") comes from Greek, εμβιος, embios meaning "lively" and πτερον, pteron meaning "wing", a name that has not been considered to be particularly descriptive for this group of fliers, perhaps instead referring to their remarkable speed of movement both forward and backward. The group probably first appeared during the Jurassic and is well represented in Cretaceous amber. The common name webspinner comes from the insects' unique ability to spin silk from structures on their front legs. They use the silk to make a web-like pouch or gallery in whic
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Andesembiidae (7)
Anisembiidae (106)
Archembiidae (12)
Australembiidae (18)
Clothodidae (17)
Embiidae (86)
Embonychidae (1)
Not Assigned (1)
Notoligotomidae (2)
Oligotomidae (46)
Paedembiidae (3)
Ptilocerembiidae (5)
Scelembiidae (46)
Teratembiidae (48)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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