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Danthoniopsis is a genus of Asian and African plants in the grass family. Species 1. \n* Danthoniopsis acutigluma Chippind. - Zaïre, Zambia 2. \n* Danthoniopsis aptera R.I.S.Correia & Phipps - Angola 3. \n* Danthoniopsis barbata (Nees) C.E.Hubb. - eastern Africa, Arabian Peninsula 4. \n* Danthoniopsis chevalieri A.Camus & C.E.Hubb. - western Africa 5. \n* Danthoniopsis chimanimaniensis (J.B.Phipps) Clayton - Zimbabwe, Mozambique 6. \n* Danthoniopsis dinteri (Pilg.) C.E.Hubb. - southern Africa 7. \n* Danthoniopsis lignosa C.E.Hubb. - Angola., Namibia 8. \n* Danthoniopsis parva (J.B.Phipps) Clayton - Limpopo 9. \n* Danthoniopsis petiolata (J.B.Phipps) Clayton - Zambia, Zimbabwe 10. \n* Danthoniopsis pruinosa C.E.Hubb. - Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal
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