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Hypericum /ˌhaɪˈpɪərᵻkəm/ is a genus of flowering plants in the family Hypericaceae (formerly often considered a subfamily of Clusiaceae). Hypericum is unusual for a genus of its size because a worldwide taxonomic monograph was produced for it by Norman Robson (working at the Natural History Museum, London). Robson recognizes 36 sections within Hypericum.
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Hypericum abilianum
Hypericum aciculare
Hypericum aciferum
Hypericum acmosepalum
Hypericum acostanum
Hypericum addingtonii
Hypericum adenotrichum
Hypericum adpressum (creeping St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum aegyptiacum
Hypericum aethiopicum
Hypericum afrum
Hypericum albiflorum
Hypericum amblycalyx
Hypericum amblysepalum
Hypericum anagalloides (creeping St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum andinum
Hypericum andjerinum
Hypericum androsaemum (sweet-amber) (Attributes)
Hypericum annulatum
Hypericum aphyllum
Hypericum apocynifolium
Hypericum apricum
Hypericum arbuscula
Hypericum arenarioides
Hypericum armenum
Hypericum ascyron
Hypericum asperuloides
Hypericum asperulum
Hypericum asplundii (Endangered)
Hypericum assamicum
Hypericum athoum
Hypericum atomarium
Hypericum attenuatum
Hypericum aucheri
Hypericum augustinii
Hypericum auriculatum
Hypericum australe (trailing St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum austrobrasiliense
Hypericum austroyunnanicum
Hypericum aviculariifolium
Hypericum baccharoides
Hypericum balearicum
Hypericum balfourii
Hypericum barbatum
Hypericum beamanii
Hypericum beanii
Hypericum beccarii
Hypericum bellum
Hypericum benghalense
Hypericum bequaertii
Hypericum bifurcatum
Hypericum bithynicum
Hypericum boehlingraabei
Hypericum bolivaricum
Hypericum bordignonii
Hypericum boreale (northern St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum bourgaei
Hypericum brachyphyllum (coastalplain St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum brachys <Unverified Name>
Hypericum brasiliense
Hypericum brevistylum
Hypericum bryoides
Hypericum buckleyi (Buckley's St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum bupleuroides
Hypericum burmanicum
Hypericum caesariense
Hypericum caespitosum
Hypericum calcicola
Hypericum callacallanum
Hypericum calycinum (Aaron's beard) (Attributes)
Hypericum campestre
Hypericum canadense (lesser Canadian St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum canariense (Canary Island St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum capitatum
Hypericum caprifoliatum
Hypericum caprifolium
Hypericum caracasanum
Hypericum cardiophyllum
Hypericum cardonae
Hypericum carinatum
Hypericum carinosum
Hypericum carpaticum
Hypericum cassiopiforme
Hypericum castellanoi
Hypericum cavernicola
Hypericum cerastoides
Hypericum chamaemyrtus
Hypericum chapmanii (Apalachicola St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum choisianum
Hypericum cistifolium (roundpod St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum coadunatum
Hypericum cohaerens
Hypericum collenettiae
Hypericum collinum
Hypericum concinnum (goldwire) (Attributes)
Hypericum confertum
Hypericum conjungens
Hypericum connatum
Hypericum constanzae
Hypericum cordatum
Hypericum cordifolium
Hypericum coris
Hypericum costaricense
Hypericum crenulatum
Hypericum crux-andreae (atlantic st. peter's-wort) (Attributes)
Hypericum cuatrecasii
Hypericum cuisinii
Hypericum cumulicola (highlands scrub hypericum) (Attributes)
Hypericum curvisepalum
Hypericum cymobrathys
Hypericum daliense
Hypericum davisii
Hypericum decaisneanum
Hypericum decandrum
Hypericum delphicum
Hypericum densiflorum (dense st. johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum denticulatum (coppery St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum denudatum
Hypericum desetangsii
Hypericum dichotomum
Hypericum diosmoides (Puerto Rico St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum dissimulatum (disguised St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum dogonbadanicum
Hypericum dolabriforme (straggling St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum drummondii (nits and lice) (Attributes)
Hypericum dubium
Hypericum dyeri
Hypericum eastwoodianum
Hypericum edisonianum (Arcadian St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum ekeri
Hypericum ekmanii
Hypericum elatoides
Hypericum elegans (St John's wort) (Attributes)
Hypericum ellipticifolium
Hypericum ellipticum (pale St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum elodeoides
Hypericum elodes (marsh St John's wort)
Hypericum elongatum
Hypericum empetrifolium (Attributes)
Hypericum enshiense
Hypericum epigeium
Hypericum erectum
Hypericum ericaefolium
Hypericum ericoides
Hypericum erythraeae
Hypericum espinalii
Hypericum faberi
Hypericum fanjingense
Hypericum farsei
Hypericum fasciculatum (peelbark St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum fieriense
Hypericum fimbriatum
Hypericum fissurale (Cracked Saint John's Wort) (Critically Endangered)
Hypericum foliosum
Hypericum formosanum
Hypericum formosissimum (Attributes)
Hypericum formosum
Hypericum forrestii
Hypericum fosteri
Hypericum fragile
Hypericum frondosum (cedarglade St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum fuertesii
Hypericum furusei
Hypericum gaitii
Hypericum galinum
Hypericum galioides (bedstraw St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum garciae
Hypericum garrettii
Hypericum geminiflorum
Hypericum gentianoides (pinweed st. johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum gladiatum
Hypericum glandulosum
Hypericum gleasonii
Hypericum globuliferum
Hypericum gnidiifolium
Hypericum gnidioides
Hypericum goyanesii
Hypericum graciliforme
Hypericum gracilipes
Hypericum gramineum (grassy St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum grandifolium
Hypericum graveolens (mountain St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum griffithii
Hypericum gymnanthum (claspingleaf St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum hakonense
Hypericum haplophylloides
Hypericum harlingii
Hypericum harperi (sharplobe St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum hartwegii (Critically Endangered)
Hypericum havvae
Hypericum hecatophyllum
Hypericum hedgei
Hypericum helianthemoides
Hypericum hengshanense
Hypericum henryi
Hypericum heterophyllum
Hypericum himalaicum
Hypericum hircinum
Hypericum hirsutum
Hypericum hirtellum
Hypericum hispanicum
Hypericum hookerianum
Hypericum horizontale
Hypericum hubeiense
Hypericum huber-morathii
Hypericum humbertii
Hypericum humboldtianum
Hypericum humifusum (Attributes)
Hypericum hypericoides (St. Andrew's cross) (Attributes)
Hypericum hyssopifolium
Hypericum ichelense
Hypericum imbricatum
Hypericum incurvum
Hypericum inodorum
Hypericum iraguense <Unverified Name>
Hypericum irazuense
Hypericum jahnii
Hypericum japonicum
Hypericum jaramilloi
Hypericum jovis
Hypericum juniperinum
Hypericum kalmianum (kalm's st. john's-wort) (Attributes)
Hypericum kamtschaticum
Hypericum kawaranum
Hypericum kazdaghense
Hypericum kelleri
Hypericum kiboense
Hypericum killipii
Hypericum kimurae
Hypericum kinashianum
Hypericum kingdonii
Hypericum kitamense
Hypericum kotschyanum
Hypericum kouytchense
Hypericum kunaianum
Hypericum kurodakeanum
Hypericum lacei
Hypericum lagarocaule
Hypericum lagarocladum
Hypericum lalandii
Hypericum lancasteri
Hypericum lanceolatum
Hypericum lancifolium
Hypericum lancioides
Hypericum lanuginosum
Hypericum laricifolium
Hypericum latisepalum
Hypericum laxiflorum
Hypericum legrandii
Hypericum leschenaultii
Hypericum lianzhouense
Hypericum libanoticum
Hypericum limosum
Hypericum linariifolium
Hypericum linarioides
Hypericum linoides
Hypericum lissophloeus (smoothbark St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum llanganaticum
Hypericum lloydii (sandhill St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum lobocarpum (fivelobe St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum longistylum
Hypericum lorentzianum
Hypericum loxense
Hypericum ludlowii
Hypericum lycium
Hypericum lycopodioides
Hypericum lydium
Hypericum lysimachioides
Hypericum macgregorii
Hypericum maclarenii
Hypericum maculatum (Imperforate St John's-wort) (Attributes)
Hypericum macvaughii
Hypericum magdalenicum
Hypericum magniflorum
Hypericum maguirei
Hypericum majus (greater Canadian St. John's-wort) (Attributes)
Hypericum malatyanum
Hypericum maleevii
Hypericum marahuacanum
Hypericum marginatum
Hypericum martense
Hypericum matangense
Hypericum matudae
Hypericum medium
Hypericum meridense
Hypericum mexicanum
Hypericum microlicioides
Hypericum microsepalum (flatwoods St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum millefolium
Hypericum minutiflorum
Hypericum minutum
Hypericum mitchellianum (Blue Ridge St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum monadenum
Hypericum monanthemum
Hypericum monogynum
Hypericum monroi
Hypericum montanum
Hypericum montbretii
Hypericum moranense
Hypericum moseranum
Hypericum musadoganii
Hypericum mutilum (dwarf St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum myrianthum
Hypericum myricariifolium
Hypericum myrtifolium (myrtleleaf St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum mysorense
Hypericum mysorensis <Unverified Name>
Hypericum nagasawai
Hypericum nakaii
Hypericum nakamurai
Hypericum nanum
Hypericum natalensis
Hypericum naudinianum
Hypericum neurocalycinum
Hypericum nitidum (Carolina St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum nordmannii
Hypericum nudiflorum (naked st. johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum nummularioides
Hypericum nummularium
Hypericum nuporoense
Hypericum oaxacanum
Hypericum oblongifolium
Hypericum oligandrum
Hypericum oliganthum
Hypericum olivieri
Hypericum olympicum
Hypericum ophiticola
Hypericum orientale
Hypericum origanifolium
Hypericum ovalifolium
Hypericum oxyphyllum
Hypericum pachyphyllum
Hypericum pallens
Hypericum pamphylicum
Hypericum paniculatum
Hypericum papillosum
Hypericum papuanum
Hypericum parallelum
Hypericum paramitanum
Hypericum parvulum (Sierra Madre St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum patulum
Hypericum pauciflorum (fewflower St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum paucifolium
Hypericum pedersenii
Hypericum peninsulare
Hypericum peplidifolium
Hypericum perfoliatum
Hypericum perforarum <Unverified Name>
Hypericum perforatum (common St Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum peshmenii
Hypericum petiolulatum
Hypericum phellos
Hypericum philonotis
Hypericum pibairense
Hypericum pimeleoides
Hypericum piriai (Atlantic St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum pleiostylum
Hypericum podocarpoides
Hypericum polyanthemum
Hypericum polycladum
Hypericum polyphyllum
Hypericum pratense
Hypericum prattii
Hypericum prietoi (Endangered)
Hypericum pringlei
Hypericum prolificum (shrubby st johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum prostratum
Hypericum pruinatum
Hypericum przewalskii
Hypericum pseudoerectum
Hypericum pseudohenryi
Hypericum pseudolaeve
Hypericum pseudomaculatum (false spotted St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum pseudopetiolatum
Hypericum pseudorepens
Hypericum psilophytum
Hypericum pubescens
Hypericum pulchrum
Hypericum pulogense
Hypericum pumilio
Hypericum pumilum
Hypericum punctatum (spotted St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum pycnophyllum
Hypericum qinlingense
Hypericum quartinianum
Hypericum quitense
Hypericum radfordiorum
Hypericum radicans
Hypericum recurvum
Hypericum reflexum
Hypericum reinosae
Hypericum relictum
Hypericum repens
Hypericum reptans
Hypericum retusum
Hypericum revolutum (Curry Bush)
Hypericum richeri
Hypericum rigidum
Hypericum robertii
Hypericum robsonii
Hypericum rochelii
Hypericum roeperianum (Large-leaved Curry-bush)
Hypericum roraimense
Hypericum rotundifolium
Hypericum rubicundulum
Hypericum rubritinctum
Hypericum rumeliacum
Hypericum rupestre
Hypericum ruscoides
Hypericum russeggeri
Hypericum sabinaeforme
Hypericum salsolifolium
Hypericum salsugineum
Hypericum salvadorense
Hypericum sampsonii
Hypericum saruwagedicum
Hypericum saxifragum
Hypericum scabroides
Hypericum scabrum
Hypericum scioanum
Hypericum scopulorum
Hypericum scouleri (Scouler St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum scruglii
Hypericum sechmenii
Hypericum selaginella
Hypericum senanense
Hypericum seniawinii
Hypericum senkakuinsulare
Hypericum setiferum
Hypericum setosum (hairy St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum sewense
Hypericum sherriffii (Endangered)
Hypericum siamense
Hypericum sikokumontanum
Hypericum silenoides
Hypericum simonsii
Hypericum sinaicum
Hypericum smithii
Hypericum socotranum
Hypericum somaliense
Hypericum sorgerae
Hypericum spectabile
Hypericum sphaerocarpum (roundseed St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum sprucei
Hypericum spruneri
Hypericum stellatum
Hypericum stenopetalum
Hypericum strictum
Hypericum struthiolifolium
Hypericum stuebelii
Hypericum styphelioides
Hypericum subalatum
Hypericum subcordatum
Hypericum subsessile
Hypericum suffruticosum (pineland St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum synstylum
Hypericum taihezanense
Hypericum taygeteum
Hypericum tenuicaule
Hypericum tenuifolium
Hypericum teretiusculum
Hypericum ternatum
Hypericum ternum
Hypericum tetrapetalum (fourpetal St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum tetrapterum
Hypericum tetrastichum
Hypericum thasium
Hypericum theodori <Unverified Name> (Theodor's Saint John's Wort) (Endangered)
Hypericum theodorii
Hypericum thesiifolium
Hypericum thuyoides
Hypericum thymbrifolium
Hypericum thymifolium
Hypericum thymopsis
Hypericum tomentosum
Hypericum tortuosum
Hypericum tosaense
Hypericum trichocaulon
Hypericum trigonum
Hypericum triquetrifolium
Hypericum tymphresteum
Hypericum umbellatum
Hypericum umbraculoides
Hypericum undulatum
Hypericum uniglandulosum
Hypericum uralum
Hypericum vacciniifolium
Hypericum vaccinioides
Hypericum valleanum
Hypericum venustum
Hypericum veracrucense
Hypericum vermiculare
Hypericum vesiculosum
Hypericum virgatum (sharpleaf St. Johnswort) (Attributes)
Hypericum wardianum
Hypericum watanabei
Hypericum wightianum
Hypericum williamsii
Hypericum wilmsii
Hypericum wilsonii
Hypericum woodianum
Hypericum wurdackii
Hypericum xylosteifolium
Hypericum yezoense
Hypericum yojiroanum

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