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Calligonum is a genus of plants in the family Polygonaceae with about 80 species across the Mediterranean Sea region, Asia and North America.
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Calligonum acanthopterum
Calligonum alashanicum
Calligonum alatosetosum
Calligonum amoenum
Calligonum aphyllum
Calligonum arborescens
Calligonum arich
Calligonum azel
Calligonum bakuense
Calligonum barsukiense
Calligonum bubyrii
Calligonum bungei
Calligonum calcareum (Critically Endangered)
Calligonum calliphysa
Calligonum calvescens
Calligonum cancellatum
Calligonum caput-medusae
Calligonum caputmedusae <Unverified Name>
Calligonum chinense
Calligonum colubrinum
Calligonum comosum
Calligonum cordatum
Calligonum crinitum
Calligonum densum
Calligonum denticulatum
Calligonum drobovii
Calligonum dubjanskyi
Calligonum ebinuricum
Calligonum elegans (Endangered)
Calligonum eriopodum
Calligonum gobicum
Calligonum griseum
Calligonum intertextum
Calligonum jimunaicum
Calligonum klementzii
Calligonum kuerlese
Calligonum laristanicum
Calligonum leucocladum
Calligonum litwinowii
Calligonum macrocarpum
Calligonum matteianum (Endangered)
Calligonum mejidum
Calligonum microcarpum
Calligonum mongolicum
Calligonum muravljanskyi
Calligonum murex
Calligonum paletzkianum
Calligonum patens
Calligonum platyacanthum
Calligonum polygonoides
Calligonum pumilum
Calligonum roborowskii
Calligonum rotula
Calligonum rubescens
Calligonum rubicundum
Calligonum santoanum
Calligonum schizopterum
Calligonum setosum (Endangered)
Calligonum spinosetosum
Calligonum spinulosum
Calligonum squarrosum
Calligonum stenopterum
Calligonum taklimakanense
Calligonum tetrapterum
Calligonum trifarium
Calligonum triste (Critically Endangered)
Calligonum yingisaricum
Calligonum zaidamense
Calligonum zaissano-muravljanskyi
Calligonum zakirovii

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