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Strombidae (true conchs)

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Strombidae, commonly known as the true conchs, is a taxonomic family of medium-sized to very large sea snails in the superfamily Stromboidea. The family Strombidae includes the genera Strombus, Lambis, Tibia, and their allies. In the geological past, many more species existed than are now extant. The term true conchs, being a common name, does not have an exact meaning. It may refer generally to any of the Strombidae but sometimes is used more specifically to include only Strombus and Lambis or just Strombus itself.
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Barneystrombus (2)
Canarium (15)
Conomurex (5)
Dolomena (11)
Doxander (3)
Euprotomus (8)
Gibberulus (1)
Harpago (2)
Labiostrombus (1)
Laevistrombus (2)
Lambis (9)
Lentigo (2)
Lobatus (7)
Margistrombus (6)
Mirabilistrombus (1)
Ophioglossolambis (2)
Persististrombus (2)
Sinustrombus (3)
Strombus (Fighting conch) (3)
Terestrombus (2)
Thersistrombus (1)
Tricornis (2)
Tridentarius (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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