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Phyllopertha horticola


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Phyllopertha horticola, or the Garden Chafer, is a beetle from the Scarabaeidae family. It is approximately 10mm in size with chestnut brown wing casings which are covered in tiny hairs. The head legs and thorax are dark green in colour. Like other chafers there are fan-like flaps at the ends of their antennae. The adult beetle can be seen from June to July in parks, hedgerows, woodland edges and gardens, giving them the common name Garden Chafer. Adults live for up to 8 weeks and feed on a variety of plant and tree leaves. Larval stages will feed on plant roots.
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Prey / Diet

Lactuca sativa (Lettuce)[1]
Rubus idaeus (Raspberry)[1]
Solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena (Irish potato)[1]


Pollinator of 
Arnica montana (leopard's bane)[1]
Cytisus scoparius (Broomtops)[1]
Prunus serotina (Black Cherry)[1]
Salix repens (creeping willow)[1]
Solidago virgaurea (European goldenrod)[1]

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