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Griselinia littoralis (New Zealand broadleaf)

Synonyms: Pukateria littoralis

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Griselinia littoralis, commonly known as Kapuka or New Zealand broadleaf, is a fast-growing small to medium-sized evergreen tree growing up to 20 m (66 ft) tall, though generally 4–8 m (13–26 ft) particularly in coastal exposure. It is native to New Zealand, where it typically grows in coastal locations (the Latin littoralis means "growing by the sea"). It is widely cultivated both in New Zealand and in other areas with mild oceanic climates such as the south coast of Great Britain, where it is valued for its tolerance of salt carried on sea gales, and thus often grown as a hedge or screen.
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Parasitized by 
Scolypopa australis (Passionvine planthopper)[5]

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