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Trochetiopsis erythroxylon (Redwood)

Synonyms: Assonia erythroxylon; Dombeya erythroxylon; Melhania erythroxylon; Pentapetes erythroxylon; Trochetia erythroxylon

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Trochetiopsis erythroxylon, the Saint Helena redwood, is a species of plany, now extinct in the wild. It was formerly abundant enough in the upland parts of the island of Saint Helena for early settlers in the 17th century to use the timber to make their homes. It now exists in cultivation, although cultivated stock is weak. This species has pendant flowers, petals that turn pink with age, and white staminodes. Saint Helena redwood is completely unrelated to the redwood tree of California and other trees called redwood.
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Endangered Species

Status: Extinct in the wild
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