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Xenodermatidae is a family of snakes from South, Southeast, and East Asia. They are small or moderately sized snakes, never more than 80 cm (31 in) but typically less than 55 cm (22 in) in total length. They are secretive, probably nocturnal, and typically inhabit moist forest habitats. They seem to be opportunistic carnivores, preying on other vertebrates. It is argued that the correct spelling of the family name is Xenodermidae, but, as of early 2016, the Reptile Database continues to use Xenodermatidae.
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Achalinus (9)   (1)
Fimbrios (2)
Parafimbrios (1)
Stoliczkia (2)
Xenodermus (1)
Xylophis (3)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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