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Cecropis is a genus of large swallows found in Africa and tropical Asia. The red-rumped swallow's range also extends into southern Europe. This genus is frequently subsumed into the larger genus Hirundo. The genus name Cecropis, given by Friedrich Boieis the pre-existing rail genus Crex and Ancient Greek opsis, "appearance". The species are:
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Cecropis abyssinica (Lesser Striped-swallow) (Attributes)
Cecropis badia (Rufous-bellied Swallow)
Cecropis cucullata (Greater striped-swallow) (Attributes)
Cecropis daurica (Red-rumped swallow) (Attributes)
Cecropis domicella (West African Swallow)
Cecropis hyperythra (Sri Lanka swallow) (Attributes)
Cecropis semirufa (Rufous-chested Swallow) (Attributes)
Cecropis senegalensis (Mosque Swallow) (Attributes)
Cecropis striolata (Striated Swallow) (Attributes)

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