Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Hemiptera > Coccoidea > Diaspididae > Oceanaspidiotus > Oceanaspidiotus spinosus

Oceanaspidiotus spinosus (spinose scale; spined scale insect)


Prey / Diet


Signiphora flava[1]
Signiphora flavella[1]


Comoros, Syria, Peru, Madagascar, Madeira Islands, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Nepal, Japan, Portugal, Puerto Rico & Vieques Island, Sicily, United States of America, Spain, Tanzania, Turkey, United Kingdom, Hawaiian Islands, Uruguay, South Africa, Bermuda, Italy, Israel, Algeria, Argentina, Bahamas, Bonin Islands (=Ogasawara-Gunto), Brazil, Canary Islands, China, Federated States of Micronesia, Azores, Georgia, Colombia, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Costa Rica, Cook Islands;

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