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Pinus clausa (Florida spruce pine; Sand pine)

Synonyms: Pinus clausa subsp. immuginata; Pinus clausa var. immuginata; Pinus inops subsp. clausa; Pinus inops var. clausa; Pinus virginiana subsp. clausa
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Pinus clausa is a species of pine endemic to the Southeastern United States. Its common names include sand pine, Florida spruce pine, Alabama pine, and scrub pine.
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Air Quality Improvement [1]  None
Allergen Potential [1]  Medium-Low
Carbon Capture [1]  Low
Screening - Summer [2]  Moderate
Screening - Winter [2]  Moderate
Shade Percentage [1]  83 %
Temperature Reduction [1]  Low
Wind Reduction [1]  Medium-Low
Bloom Period [2]  Fall
Drought Tolerance [2]  Low
Fire Tolerance [2]  Low
Frost Free Days [2]  8 months 25 days
Fruit/Seed Abundance [2]  Medium
Fruit/Seed Begin [2]  Winter
Fruit/Seed End [2]  Fall
Growth Form [2]  Single Stem
Growth Period [2]  Spring, Summer, Fall
Growth Rate [2]  Slow
Janka Hardness [4]  730 lbf (331 kgf) Soft
Leaf Type [3]  Evergreen
Lifespan [2]  Perennial
Propagation [2]  Bare Root, Container, Cutting, Seed
Root Depth [2]  28 inches (71 cm)
Seed Spread Rate [2]  Moderate
Seed Vigor [2]  Medium
Seeds Per [2]  75200 / lb (165787 / kg)
Shape/Orientation [2]  Erect
Specific Gravity [5]  0.48
Structure [3]  Tree
Vegetative Spread Rate [2]  None
Flower Color [2]  Yellow
Foliage Color [2]  Green
Fruit Color [2]  Brown
Height [1]  37 feet (11.4 m)
Width [1]  20 feet (6.1 m)
Hardiness Zone Minimum [1]  USDA Zone: 7 Low Temperature: 0 F° (-17.8 C°) → 10 F° (-12.2 C°)
Hardiness Zone Maximum [1]  USDA Zone: 10 Low Temperature: 30 F° (-1.1 C°) → 40 F° (4.4 C°)
Light Preference [2]  Mixed Sun/Shade
Soil Acidity [2]  Very Acid
Soil Fertility [2]  Infertile
Water Use [1]  Moderate to Low


Chionaspis heterophyllae (pine scale)[6]
Dendroctonus frontalis (southern pine beetle)[7]
Diaspidiotus mccombi (McComb pine scale)[6]
Toumeyella virginiana (Virginia pine scale)[6]


U.S.A., Alabama (Baldwin County), Florida TDWG: 78 ALA FLA; USA: Alabama (Baldwin Co.), Florida.. TDWG: 78 ALA FLA;

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