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Thymallus yaluensis

Synonyms: Thymallus articus yaluensis; Thymallus jaluensis

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Thymallus yaluensis is a putative species of freshwater fish, a grayling in the salmon family Salmonidae. It is endemic to the upper Yalu River in Korea, on the Chinese border. Thymallus yaluensis is a small fish, the maximum recorded length is 20 cm (8 in). "It has the most beautiful form and fins of a freshwater fish" in Korea. Confusingly it has also been reported from widely separate regions including Siberia, the Alps in Europe, and the northern Mississippi River drainage in North America.
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Asia - Inland waters; Asia: Korea. Former USSR: Siberia. Europe: Alps Mountain range. North America: northern headwaters of the Mississippi River. Very close in form and may probably be identical to <i>Thymallus arcticus grubei</i> (Ref. 593).; Europe - Inland waters; Korea, Dem. People's Rep; Palearctic; Russian Federation;

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