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Dendrochirus brachypterus (Zebra firefish; Short-spined scorpionfish; Shortspined butterfly-cod; Short-spined butterfly-cod; Shortfin turkeyfish; Shortfin lionfish; Shortfin firefish; Featherfish; Dwarf lionfish)

Synonyms: Pterois brachyptera
Language: Afrikaans; Danish; Fijian; French; German; Mahl; Malayalam; Mandarin Chinese

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Dendrochirus brachypterus, known commonly as the shortfin turkeyfish or dwarf lionfish among other vernacular names, is a species of marine fish in the family Scorpaenidae. Shortfin turkeyfish is widespread throughout the tropical waters of the Indo-West Pacific, Red Sea included. Dwarf lionfish is up to 17 centimetres (6.7 in) in length. It occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade.
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John G. Shedd Aquarium
Minnesota Zoological Garden
Nat'l Zoological Gardens of S. Africa
Newport Aquarium


Agulhas Current; Arabian Sea; Australia; Coral Sea and GBR; Egypt; Great Barrier Reef; Guam; India; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean, Eastern; Indian Ocean, Western; Indo-West Pacific: Red Sea and East Africa to Samoa and Tonga, north to southern Japan, south to Lord Howe Island; Mariana Islands in Micronesia; the Arafura Sea (Ref. 9819) and Australia.; Indonesia; Indonesian Sea; Japan; Jordan; Kenya; Kuroshio Current; Lord Howe Island; Maldives; Milne Bay; Mozambique; New Caledonia; North Australian Shelf; North Marianas; Northeast Australian Shelf; Northwest Australian Shelf; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Eastern Central; Pacific, Northwest; Pacific, Southwest; Pacific, Western Central; Papua New Guinea; Persian Gulf; Philippines; Red Sea; Samoa; San Pedro Bay; Seychelles; Somali Coastal Current; South Africa; Tanzania, United Rep. of; Thailand; Tonga; Verde Island Passage; Viet Nam;

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