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Channa punctata (Spotted snakehead)

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Channa punctata, the spotted snakehead, is a species of snakehead. It is found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China. Its natural habitats are swamps, ponds and brackish water systems. It is 15.0 cm (5.9 in) in length normally, but males with 31.0 cm (12.2 in) also captured. The spotted snakehead is listed as Least Concern in IUCN, due to lack of major threats to life.
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Migration [1]  Potamodromous

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Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Rynchops albicollis (Indian Skimmer)1


Channa punctata (Spotted snakehead)[3]


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Afghanistan; Asia - Inland waters; Asia: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Yunnan in China.; Bangladesh; Chilka Lake; China; Godavari; India; Indus; Kabul; Krishna River; Malaysia; Myanmar; Nepal; Oriental; Pakistan; Palearctic; Sri Lanka; Thailand;

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