Animalia > Chordata > Actinopterygii > Myctophiformes > Myctophidae > Diaphus > Diaphus effulgens

Diaphus effulgens (Lanternfish; Headlight lanternfish; Headlight fish)

Language: Danish; Mandarin Chinese; Portuguese

Prey / Diet


Pterodroma incerta (Atlantic Petrel)[1]


Eastern Atlantic: from 40° to 17°N, from 19°S to Subtropical Convergence zone. Western Atlantic: USA to about 20°N, from Brazil to Subtropical Convergence. Indian Ocean: west of 70°E between 5°S-38°S. Western Pacific: between 0° and 29°N, Southeast Asian seas, New South Wales, Australia (Ref. 7300) and New Zealand (Ref. 5755). Central and Southeast Pacific.;

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