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Stegastes pictus (Yellowtip damselfish)

Synonyms: Pomacentrus pictus
Language: Mandarin Chinese; Portuguese

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Stegastes pictus, the yellowtip damselfish, is a species of damselfish found near the sea bed on shallow rocky reefs off the coast of Brazil, where it is endemic. It is a small, laterally-compressed, dark brown fish with yellow pectoral and caudal fins. It feeds on algae and detritus and is often found in the vicinity of the fire coral Millepora alcicornis. It is a territorial fish and forms a pair bond in the breeding season. The eggs are laid in a shallow scoop on the seabed and the male tends them to keep them well-aerated.
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Aulostomus maculatus (Trumpetfish)[1]


Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic, Southwest; Brazil; Western Atlantic: known only from Brazil.;

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