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Paraplesiops meleagris (Western blue devil; Southern blue devil; Blue devil; Blue devilfish)

Synonyms: Bleeckeria catafracta; Bleekeria catafracta; Plesiops gigas; Plesiops meleagris; Ruppelia prolongata
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The southern blue devil, Paraplesiops meleagris, is a species of fish in the longfin family Plesiopidae endemic to southern Australia. It is a close relative of the eastern blue devil (Paraplesiops bleekeri), which lives in the coastal waters of eastern Australia, and of the western blue devil (P. sinclairi), of southwestern Western Australia with which it is sometimes considered conspecific.
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Australia; Eastern Indian Ocean: Western Australia and South Australia.; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean, Eastern; Southwest Australian Shelf; West Central Australian Shelf;

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