Animalia > Chordata > Actinopterygii > Perciformes > Ammodytidae > Ammodytes > Ammodytes dubius

Ammodytes dubius (offshore sand lance; sand eel; Sand lance; Northern sand lance; Lawnce; Lants; Launce; Lant; Lance)

Language: Danish; French; Greenlandic; Inuktitut; Mandarin Chinese; Polish; Russian; Swedish

Prey / Diet

Ammodytes dubius (offshore sand lance)[1]
Gammarus annulatus[2]
Meganyctiphanes norvegica (Norwegian krill)[1]
Neomysis americana (Mysid shrimp)[2]
Parasagitta elegans (elegant arrow worm)[2]

Prey / Diet Overlap



Parasitized by 
Anisakis simplex[8]
Brachyphallus crenatus[8]
Corynosoma wegeneri[8]
Derogenes varicus[8]
Lecithaster gibbosus[8]


Arctic Ocean; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic, Northeast; Atlantic, Northwest; Beaufort Sea; Canada; East Greenland Shelf/Sea; Greenland; Newfoundland-Labrador Shelf; North Atlantic: Greenland to North Carolina. Also in the northeast Atlantic (Ref. 7251).; Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf; Scotian Shelf; USA (contiguous states); West Greenland Shelf;

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