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Dasycottus setiger (Spinyhead sculpin)

Synonyms: Dasycottus japonicus
Language: Danish; Japanese; Korean; Mandarin Chinese; Russian

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Dasycottus setiger, the Spinyhead Sculpin, is a species of fathead native to the northern Pacific Ocean. This species grows to a length of 45 centimetres (18 in) SL and is popular as a game fish. This species is the only known member of its genus.
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Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve II 366714 British Columbia, Canada
Pacific Rim National Park Reserve II 137900 British Columbia, Canada

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Alaska (USA); Canada; East Bering Sea; Gulf of Alaska; Japan; Korea, Republic of; Kuroshio Current; North Pacific: Sea of Japan off Honshu, Japan to Navarin Canyon in the Bering Sea, west to Attu Island in the Aleutian chain and southeast to Washington, USA.; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Northeast; Pacific, Northwest; Russian Federation; Sea of Japan; Sea of Okhotsk; USA (contiguous states); West Bering Sea;

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