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Acanthurus achilles (redspot tang; Achilles tang; Redspot surgeonfish; Red-spotted surgeonfish; Redtail surgeonfish)

Language: Carolinian; Danish; Davawenyo; French; Hawaiian; Mandarin Chinese; Marshallese; Niuean; Other; Samoan; Spanish; Tagalog; Tahitian; Tuamotuan; Visayan

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Acanthurus achilles, commonly known as Achilles tang or Achilles surgeonfish, is a tropical marine fish native to the Pacific Ocean.
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Parasitized by 
Schikhobalotrema glomerosum[1]
Schikhobalotrema obtusum[1]
Spirocamallanus colei <Unverified Name>[1]

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American Samoa; Caroline Island; Clipperton Island; Cook Islands; Davao Gulf; Fiji Islands; French Polynesia; Guam; Hawaii (USA); Insular Pacific-Hawaiian; Japan; Johnston Island; Kuroshio Current; Marquesas Islands; Marshall Islands; Mexico; Micronesia,Fed.States of; New Caledonia; Niue; North Marianas; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Eastern Central; Pacific, Northwest; Pacific, Western Central; Philippines; Pitcairn; Polynesian Waters; Samoa; Sulu-Celebes Sea; Tahiti; Tonga; Tuamoto Islands; Tubbataha Reefs; Viet Nam; Wake Island; Western Pacific: oceanic islands of Oceania to the Hawaiian and Pitcairn islands. Also known from Wake, Marcus, and Mariana islands. Eastern Central Pacific: southern tip of Baja California, Mexico (Ref. 9267) and other offshore islands.;

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