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Acipenser dabryanus (Dabry's Sturgeon; River sturgeon; Sturgeon; Yangtze sturgeon)

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Dabry's sturgeon (Acipenser dabryanus) is a species of fish in the sturgeon family, Acipenseridae. Other common names include Yangtze sturgeon, Chiangjiang sturgeon, and river sturgeon. It is endemic to the Yangtze River Basin in China. It was a food fish of commercial importance. Its populations declined drastically, and in the early 1980s, it was designated an endangered species and commercial harvest was banned. It has been listed as a critically endangered species by the IUCN since 1996.
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Endangered Species

Status: Critically Endangered
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Maximum Longevity [2]  100 years
Migration [1]  Anadromous


Parasitized by 
Brentisentis cyprini <Unverified Name>[3]
Diplostomum hupehensis <Unverified Name>[3]
Diplostomum niedashui <Unverified Name>[3]
Heterosentis parasiluri <Unverified Name>[3]


Am-nok; Asia - Inland waters; Asia: China in Yangtze River system (Ref. 4537) and Korea (Ref. 12218). Endangered, close to extinction (Ref. 6866). International trade restricted (<b>CITES</b> II, since 1.4.98).; China; Dae-dong; Korea, Dem. People's Rep; Korea, Republic of; Palearctic; Yangtze; Yellow River;

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