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Pseudomugil furcatus (Forktail blue-eye; Forktail rainbowfish)

Synonyms: Popondetta furcata; Popondichthys furcatus; Pseudomugil furcata
Language: Danish; Finnish; German; Mandarin Chinese

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Pseudomugil furcatus, commonly known as the forktail blue-eye, is a species of fish in the family Pseudomugilidae. It is endemic to Papua New Guinea south-east of Popondetta, where found in rainforest streams. It used to be placed in genuns Popondetta or even separated as Popondichthys, but this is now considered erroneous.
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Australian; Oceania - Inland waters; Oceania: known only from the lowlands of eastern Papua New Guinea between Dyke Ackland Bay and Collingwood Bay.; Papua New Guinea;

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