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Amphiprion sebae (sebae clown; yellowtailed anemonefish; Brown clownfish; Seba anemonefish; Sebae anemonefish; Sebae anemones; Sebae clownfish; Yellowtail clownfish)

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Amphiprion sebae, also known as the sebae clownfish, is an anemonefish found in the northern Indian Ocean, from Java to the Arabian Peninsula. Like all anemonefish it is usually found living in association with sea anemones. While the common name of Heteractis crispa, the sebae anemone, suggests an association, it is normally found with the Stichodactyla haddoni or saddle anemone. A. sebae, like all anemonefish, lives in a symbiotic relationship with the host anemone where the fish is unaffected by the stinging tentacles of the anemone. In a group of clownfish, Only two clownfish, a male and a female, in a group reproduce through external fertilization. Clownfish are sequential hermaphrodites, changing from male to female, with a strict dominance hierarchy and only the largest fish being f
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Stichodactyla haddoni (Green saddle anemone)[1]

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Andaman Island; Andaman Sea; Arabian Sea; Bay of Bengal; Gulf of Aden; Gulf of Oman; India; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean, Eastern; Indian Ocean, Western; Indian Ocean: Arabian Peninsula, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Andaman Islands, and Sumatra and Java in Indonesia.; Indonesia; Indonesian Sea; Maldives; Oman; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Western Central; Pakistan; Philippines; Sri Lanka; Tubbataha Reefs; Viet Nam;

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