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Pomacentrus caeruleus (Blue pete; Bluedevil; Caerulean damsel; Caerulean damsel; Yellow bellied damsel)

Synonyms: Pomacentrus coeruleus; Pomacentrus pulcherrimus
Language: Afrikaans; Cebuano; Danish; Davawenyo; Divehi; French; German; Italian; Japanese; Kagayanen; Malay; Mandarin Chinese; Marshallese; Swedish; Waray-waray

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Pomacentrus caeruleus is a Damselfish from the Western Indian Ocean. It occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade. It grows to a size of 10cm in length.
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Acquario di Genova
Bristol Zoo Gardens
John G. Shedd Aquarium
Thuringer Zoopark Erfurt
Zoological Society of London


Chagos Islands; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean, Western; Indonesia; Madagascar; Maldives; Mauritius; Mozambique; Oman; Pacific, Western Central; Réunion; Seychelles; South Africa; Sulu-Celebes Sea; Tanzania, United Rep. of; Tawi tawi Bay; Thailand; Western Indian Ocean: East Africa (south to Durban) to Maldives.; Yemen;

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