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Enoplognatha ovata

Synonyms: Enoplognatha redimita

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Enoplognatha ovata is a species of spider belonging to the family Theridiidae. It is native to Europe and has also been introduced to North America. It is notably found in Lithuania. This spider, reaching a length of 6 mm (excluding legs), has translucent legs and the globular abdomen is extremely variable in colour and pattern: the background colour is white, cream or green and can be marked with a row of dark spots, a broad red stripe or with two red stripes in a v-shape. Despite its small size, this is a formidable predator which can prey on insects many times its size. The female deposits its eggs in a grey sac. This is secreted within a rolled-up leaf fastened with silk and the female guards it until the eggs hatch.
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Prey / Diet

Arytainilla spartiophila[1]
Orthotylus adenocarpi[1]
Orthotylus concolor[1]
Orthotylus virescens[1]
Sepsis fulgens[2]

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